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30+ USD
Have an Expert that currently trades for GMT 0 and no daylight savings time. I would like to have a Auto GMT detection and Day light savings detection so the ea can adjust itself
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Indicators Experts 13 minutes ago
950 - 1150 USD
Price of the project is further negotiable. I need both MT4 and MT5 versions of requested tool with full development code (everything) included. Description of what I need is in attached file. Particularly txt file "main project description" is extremely lengthy and cannot be more brief (or to tell you few sentences in summary only) because I wanted to be as exact as possible to all the details so there wouldn't be
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Experts 19 minutes ago
200 - 350 USD
Description file is in attachment. Price can be little negotiated further. Please read the following text entirely. Firstly and MOST IMPORTANTLY: Please do some backups, when you will be doing this bugs fixing project for me. I need you to NOT anyhow edit any piece of the code unless absolutely 100% required in order to create what I am requesting in ATTACHED file. Basically everything, except what I am requesting
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Indicators Experts 22 minutes ago
30 - 100 USD
hello I would like to develop new expert advisor based on price action and candle stick. the required work as below: 1- risk reward. 2- notification to the e-mail. 3- fibo level to be used. thank you
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Experts 1 hour ago
Add reverse function to EA (personal job)
50+ USD
Bonjour , Ci joint la commande pour la régle " reverse " vente ou achat . ------------------------------REVERSE----------------------------------- Reverse : true or false take profit nombre de pips : stop loss : treling stop : ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Experts 2 hours ago
SR indicator & EA update (personal job)
50 - 55 USD
Hi Hossein. Please find latest version of job specification attached. Please let me know the price once you have all the information you require. I only have $63 in my balance so I had to enter a silly amount to make the form submit. Regards, Sean
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Indicators 4 hours ago
30 - 35 USD
Hello, I trade on MetaTrader 5 real future contract such as GOLD, DAX, NASDAQ (FDAX, GC, NQ) with AMPFuture Broker. I have a Volume Delta indicator which i like, and I would like to have also a CUMULATIVE DELTA indicator. If you need to have a look of the code of my Volume Delta there is no problem. The Cumulative Delta which I would like to create is the one from Tradovate Platform (https://www.tradovate.com/) you
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Indicators 4 hours ago
55+ USD
Please I need a coder to Help ,me code EA that will be loaded with 10 indicators The EA will have Currency to Trade = select the desire currency or Type It manually E.G EURUSD/USDCAD/USDJPY/ETC Time Frame To trade = select or type M1,M5, 15M 30M,60M,4H,8H,12H,24H,WEEKLY,MONTHLY indicator to trade = select from drop down menu minimum of one at a time and maximum of three at a time Strategy to Trade
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Experts 4 hours ago
100+ USD
I agree to the terms and conditions of this trading platform as I'm willing to use this developer to help me with all of the tradings instruments. I. RebaoneMajelenyane Any information on the platform I im willing to use
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Experts 5 hours ago
35+ USD
Hi I would like to make a MT5 robot that uses the following signals: 3 moving averages Williams% R aTR The robot will have to open positions based on the values ​​of the indicators (customizable), must have stop loss, take profit parameters. The robot will initially have to work on eur usd, then it will be able to work on multiple pairs simultaneously. For the complete strategy I will send you a detailed pm
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Experts 6 hours ago
New EA (personal job)
30+ USD
As discussed in the email, in attahcment I did sent you a EA what you create for me in the past. As for the faster comunications we can use WA or similar app if is of your preferenze. looking forward to work with you again. Email: So I would need an EA with: Indicator to setup: Money Flow Index EMA Of course, the possibility to set up the lot size and take profit plus in as the other EA you have done for me I would
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Experts 6 hours ago
30 - 40 USD
Hello, I use Easy order Creator for Money/position sizing and also a historical levels Price Action Strategy I need a EA to close a position partially to the TP after order activation and i want the size of the partial close to be calculated compared to the SL, so that if the remaining part of the trade closes in SL, the final result of the trade should be BE+commisions ( Spread and commissions must be taken into
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Experts Scripts Panels and dialog boxes 8 hours ago
Modifications of indicator (personal job)
30+ USD
I need modications of existing indicator inputs 1.first arrow (in trend direction only first arrow should be visible)true/false DEFAULT IS FALSE 2.add another input first arrow on particular day in same direction(eg if first signal is produced 3days back,and new signal is generated on present day it should appear)true/false default is true 3.moving averages options should be true or false sothat I can trade multiple
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Indicators Experts 8 hours ago
Looking to create a specific trade strategy using EMAs (personal job)
30 - 200 USD
Hello my name is Peter. My friend George referred me to you and he said some great things about you. I was wondering if you can help. Please contact me. whatsapp is 1 773 263 0079
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Experts 9 hours ago
30+ USD
add martingale logic to EA, to stop closing a set of buys or sells in loss Basically it is adding martingale logic to an existing grid EA, also a few other simple modifications, which I will explain in detail later
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Experts 11 hours ago
30 - 1000 USD
Description When the current bar “HIGH” is higher than the “HIGH” 1 bar ago and the “CLOSE” is lower than the “CLOSE” 1 bar ago When the current bar “LOW” is lower than the “LOW” 1 bar ago and the “CLOSE” is high than the “CLOSE” 1 bar ago With moving averages See attachment for example
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Indicators 12 hours ago
30 - 100 USD
Hello, I have a simple indicator in Trading View and Mt4. It is very very simple indicator. I looked around a lot but i couldn't find anything for me. My main problem is, i have a indicator mt4 & pinescript version but in mt5 formula what i found is quite different, i need someone to fix this mess and then i need EA according this formula. If you have done the most complicated job, this job should be easy. It will be
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Experts Converting Trading robot/indicator debugging Forex Today
Randy's_Robot_v5.0 (personal job)
200+ USD
Hi Irek Enclosed are the Instructions and Indicators for the new EA We'll use Randy's_Robot_v4.3 as the framework to code the new EA, since v4.3 already has functions that will be used in the new EA Randy
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Indicators Experts Yesterday
100 - 350 USD
I have a spec sheet in a PDF, as well as the alerts and entries set up too. I would attach here but it does not have a PDF as an option. I wrote the script in thinkorswim, so I can provide that to you if it will help. The script ion ToS however has a few extras that the spec sheet I am providing will not need
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Experts Yesterday
30+ USD
This is very similar to RSI divergence At the moment, I have a script that plots the fractals and the divergence lines however my formula isn't correct. All I need you to do it, correct that formula for me. The dotted lines in this chart is drawn manually, I want that fixed: Again, just see if there is a divergence between fractal points and the indicator (DXY pair) and plot it
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