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Integration Range Bar Myma (personal job)
30 - 50 USD
I want two new input for every hour: input bool  0Works = true/false input double 0Range = 0.8 input bool  1Works = true/false input double 1Range = 0.9 2... 2... 3... 3... And so on until 23. The range is (High- Low/ Low)*100. If I set for example: 12Works = True  12Range = 0,8 It means that if the range of the 12 hour bar calculated as above is higher than the input 12Range that I set then the EA...
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Experts Integration 1 hour ago
30 - 150 USD
Good day, looking for an api to be able to do auto trading directly from MT4 platform.  I currently use Coinigy but does not have auto trading. I currently have a binance account.  Any questions please contact me.  Thanks Bob
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Integration 2 hours ago
70+ USD
1 Minorretracement SellAlert A Trendis down B MACD2is below -0.0003(-0.03 for JPY pairs) and is  thick red C MACD3changes from above zero (that is green) to below zero (that is red) or fromlight red to thick red D Alertshould be after MACD2 crossing below -0.0003(-0.03 for JPY pairs) ANDALSO, after a major retracement. E Iwant to be able to limit the number of alerts after a MACD2 crossover below-0.0003(-0.03...
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Indicators Integration Forex 2018.02.16
50+ USD
I need an RSS reading module that I can easily include in my EAs for news reading and opener. I've already created EA myself, just create the news reader's RSS feed and make the necessary adjustments. It is necessary for the reader to work through the VPS of the metaquotes.
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Experts Integration 2018.02.12
31+ USD
I have a doubt with combination of two strategy FOREX EA GENERATOR 6.  if the candle stick hits Bollinger bands and it should wait for confirmation.  stochastic indicator.and order to be executed. how to develop this with FOREX EA GENERATOR 6 . can u show any tutorial.
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Experts Integration 2018.02.09
30 - 31 USD
any one can guide me with FOREX EA GENERATOR 6. if the candle stick hits Bollinger bands and order should be executed after stochastic confirmation. how to develop this with FOREX EA GENERATOR 6 .
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Integration 2018.02.08
80 - 150 USD
I need a auto robot trading software for iq option, I want to use it on iqoption and the wining percentage must should be 70% to 90%  and should be simple and easy to use
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Experts Integration 2018.02.05
100+ USD
I need an experience programmer to modify an existing ea. Developer should be able to fix martingale error to build consistency without any error. Current file sometimes does not follow martingale logic due to price difference on mt5 and Ea connects to through bridge.
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Experts Integration 2018.02.05
Job (personal job)
350+ USD
Hello Ivan,    As discussed, I would like to assign you the new job, kindly request you to accept  and proceed to next step,#  Details would be discussed in private chat.   Thank you Astrategy
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Integration C# 2018.02.04
180 - 200 USD
Hello Developer,     I would need to add extra trading features in Mt4 plugin which integrated to third party trading application and features to be add trailing stop loss , multiple target level etc, We have been built this Trading plugin in C# programming language which is integrated to 3rd party nonforex trading windows application.However, no API was used in the current version....
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Integration C# 2018.02.01
100 - 500 USD
I need a custom software for MT4, let me explain you. I waste a lot of time time writing hundreds names for each optimization during backtesting.  Could it be possible to develop a Software which could write the settings automatically the name of the files (report name like .html and optimization set as .set)??? Could it be possible to write name files with the backtest optimization results automatically? For...
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Integration Design 2018.01.31
50 - 100 USD
I have EAs that generate buy sell signals and export those signals to CSV/Txt files realtime. I need the MT4 to be integrated to microsoft sql server 2012 or higher hosted in an azure vps,  so that those signals get directly exported to the Database, in a retrievable manner. something like this: you must demonstrate the work as expected. More details can be discussed in pvt.
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Libraries Integration 2018.01.26
Upgrade (personal job)
50+ USD
do you remember tmy previusly Ea which you did for me  I would like some upgrade.  hoewer 15step where i can options every single step lot size, tp and stop lost.  can you made me?
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Experts Integration 2018.01.25
30 - 50 USD
Hello I have a custom indicator which gives buy & sell signals and it can sometimes repaint, not all the time, like 25%, and I would like to have it made NON repainting if it can be possible. I also have a support & resistance indicator which I would like coded into my indicator as an additional trade confirmation for the signals generated. I have the source file for the S&R indicator, and I will provide further...
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Indicators Integration Strategy optimization Forex 2018.01.16