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150 - 250 USD
This (separate-window) panel have to be builded with using classes and libraries (articles written by Anatoli Kazharski) or with better modification based on this graphical interface OOP programing. Has to be compatible with both MT5/MT4 also.  Attribute enumeration : - Of course there should be an option to minimalize and close panel. Panel consists of several buttons (imaged icons), active color bar and one...
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Integration MQL5 MQL4 Panels and dialog boxes Custom graphics Uploading data to a website English Yesterday
30+ USD
I want to find a Developer to perform this work and settle payments in this Application. I undertake not to communicate with Applicants anywhere else except this Application, including third-party messengers, personal correspondence or emails. I understand that violators will be banned from publishing Orders in the Freelance service.
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Integration Custom graphics 2017.10.21
30 - 50 USD
Dear programmers, I need to download Index weighting data from webside to MT4 script From the webside table I need download only ticker and weight data on daily basis
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Scripts Integration MQL4 HTML Uploading data to a website 2017.10.18
500 - 1500 USD
Web developerwanted We need a web developer to develop and maintain a website related to forex/mql4.We want to create a website offering to the site visitors useful data from our forexrelated tools – indicators, advisors, etc. The tools are already developed. Thedynamic data from mql4/data base should be uploaded to the webpage permanently.We also need a simple solution for content management, to create and upload...
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Integration Other MQL4 Uploading data to a website Forex PHP SQL MySQL JavaScript HTML 2017.10.18
30+ USD
1. integrate four existing MT4 indicators into one - Buy_Percent, Sell_Percent, Doda_EMA, and closed_total           Modifications:   For Buy_Percent and Sell_Percent                                          a.  disable stoploss and takeprofit                                            b.  percent at default of 5 2. then convert the resultant indicator to auto-trading system 3. and the EA will perform these...
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Experts Integration MQL4 Trading robot/indicator debugging Forex 2017.10.08
30 - 70 USD
As in the title above, please contact me if someone could perform this conversion. I have my own EA and I need to convert into Pine Script language to let's it work on Tradingview website. I don't know Pine Script, so I ask to help me, with some instruction, to test and run it. Thanks in advance
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Integration MQL4 Java 2017.09.27