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500 - 1000 USD
Hi there, I have an Forex Signals App. I want automatic Forex & Stocks and If possible crypto Signals on my app. Now I'm adding the Forex Signals manually If someone can do that ping me
30 - 50 USD
Hey I need to use tradingview platform to analyses Volatility indices from the following platform. https://tradingview.binary.com/v1.3.13/binary.html Can you link the two? and get telegram alerts once the setup is ready
30 - 150 USD
Hello!! I have mt4 source code that I would like to convert to pinescript are you able to do this? And it It will be 3 indicators into 1. I would like to add alerts to buy and sell as well
30 - 45 USD
I want a LOCAL copier trade pro that can function and execute so fast between master and slave accounts. Demo account will be the master account and others ( demo and real ) slave accounts. Master account has the option to assign Lot size separately for each single slave account and has the bool option (true false) to copy manual or EA or both together for each slave account master account also has the option to copy