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I am getting signals from a company in telegram channel. I want those signals to MT4 trades/positions. I want it with a strategy 1. Each Signal should execute 3 trades with each TakeProfit 2. If 2nd positions hits Stop Loss, all positions should be closed. 3. If the initial trade goes on loss with 30 pips down, I want surefire strategy to implemented. So that it is hedged. If any doubts/suggestions/clarifications
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Experts Integration OpenCL Strategy modules Forex 2019.09.13
2500 - 3000 USD
I'm looking for someone who can program Pattern Scanner application in C# using MVVM/Prism and that would communicate with MT4 (get feed, send output signals) in real-time. Application will later be expanded and machine learning will be added. Pattern evaluation will be done in C# app so patterns have to be programmed in WPF C#. Then pattern will be sent to MT4. Patterns will be based on the book Encyclopedia of
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Indicators Integration Statistics and mathematics C# Forex 2019.04.12