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30+ USD
Entry First trade type = Buy (Default) / Sell Start lot = 0.1 Lot multiplier = 2.0 Max lot = 1.0 Entry condition If there is no trade (and no losing trade in the past). Directly open 1 trade with start lot and default First trade type (by default it will first open buy) Once the trade TP, (and is confirmed profit with Swap, commission and spread), it will immediately reopen a new Buy trade again (same as last winning
30 - 40 USD
Hi all....i need a script work to place stop/limit and execute Buy/Sell orders based on any of mentioned objects (Andrew's pitchfork/trendline/horizontal line/triandgle/box). The object will act as Price PO. Once the line is triggered, orders will be executed based on the description. Trade control on Hours, slippage, spreads should be included. I need this job to be done in a day
MQL4 and MQL5 mqh class to control the current profit / loss on the account (personal job)
70+ USD
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MQL5 Experts Libraries Strategy modules
30 - 100 USD
I would like an expert advisor for MT5 - Deriv - Step Index, that will be based off 3 different trend lines and the candle stick. User should be able to adjust various settings that affect risk management, time frame to trade on, and when to take profit. The expert advisor should come with the source code that allows me to adjust various settings as I need to
35 - 100 USD
I have developed many strategies and I want to thoroughly test all strategies I have and analyze how they behave with or without news. Therefore, I am inviting a developer to make news backtesting EA/module/solution for me. I have developed many strategies and I need a module that will filter news out as instructed. The module should be able to support fast backtest using news archive on csv file or library or
30 - 100 USD
Hi all, I am in need of an EA programmer who can help send all Metatrader notifications to email. Details below: Send as soon as an order is opened (Buy, Sell, Limit, Stop, Stop limit...) When orders are activated (Limit, Stop, Stop limit,....) When the order is closed (hit TP, hit SL, close by manual, margin stop,...) When I modify an order (Trailing Stop, change SL, change TP,...) When I close a part of the order