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Modify EA to include StdDev (personal job)
30 - 45 USD
I would like to modify EA_140483_1.03 to include Standard Deviation trend which is based on the simple StdDev calculation method The StdDev number will be used to calculate the entry and exit MACD number as shown in the attached file the general formula for calculating entry and exit MACD level is chosen MACD level x [ 1 + (current StdDev x a factor ) ] Thanks
Edit My Current Ea (personal job)
30+ USD
Add a 2 stage trail stop 1.Reduce SL by 50% when trade is in 30%. profit from entry 2.Reduce SL by 70% when trade is in profit by 50% from entry Eg Order is opened with SL 30pips, TP 90pips Then trade move to profit by 30%(of TP) from entry, Ist trail stop will be 15 pips after Trade in profit by 30%(TP) it waits there until trade moves further Last trail stop 9 pips. Trade in profit by 50%(TP) Then there is no
35+ USD
Hello, I need a developer that can help me to convert my existing MT4 EA to MQ5 EA. I have the raw codes of the MT4 I want it deliver in 5 days Max I will be looking forward for anyone that can do the conversion Regards
30 - 200 USD
1. The idea of the trading system is as follows : market entries and exits are performed when price crossing 10 EMA and 50 SMA, with STC and ROC in the same direction 2. Trend is determined based on the 50 SMA in the same period. If the price is higher than 50SMA, the trend is seen as growing, only long position will be opened. Alternatively, If the price is lower than 50SMA, the trend is seen as going down, only
PRIVATE Scalping EA (personal job)
40+ USD
High quality RSI AND MOMENTUM scalping EA. Usese rsi and momentum to detect trend. Places limit orders and catches it with trailing stops. Works mainly on EURUSD, GBPUSD, NZDUSD and XAUUSD
1 Application
Forex EA with Candle Pattern (personal job)
67+ USD
I would like a EA for forex market using a candle pattern. the risk management and the stop loss and entry points are described of the file. Some things are equal to the previous EA that you did
30+ USD
Hello coders, I want someone to make an expert advisor using the attached Indicator as per the following conditions: 1) Entry trade on any time frame should has value (WR) at 70 or more 2) next time frame shall indicates the same color (means the same direction). for above points 1&2, please see the attached photo for clarification 3) the indicator gives entry with three trades with three TP's (TP1,TP2 &TP3) and have
Adding extra futures (personal job)
50+ USD
Pls I need you to add extra futures to my ea first as it starts with 0.01 I want it to start with 0.02 then open in 5 places before adding and the new addition is from 0.10 next 0.15 next is 0.20 it will be adding like that and you have to give option I mean manual section that will enable me put what the adding will start from like I can decide the adding to start from 0.08 as default or I can decide the adding to
Additions to Expert Advisor (personal job)
50+ USD
Sir, You have done so well with the expert advisor. Now I am asking if you can add a few more. Can you please add a restricted events, close of trading week, close on the bid or ask, and manual trades being under the control of the EA. Once these are completed, writing them into the MT5 file as well. The specifications are attached, but you will find that they are what we discussed. Well...with the exception of the
Modify existing EA with revised entry and exit rules (personal job)
30 - 60 USD
Modify entry and exit rules for EA_140483_1.01 by adding a two step rule based on evaluation of current and previous MACD values Example, for a H1 period, latest MACD value is compared to MACD value one hour ago to determine if current is greater or less than previous value. this is used to determine precise entry and exit points See attached files for details. Changes are highlighted in red Thanks
30+ USD
I want to add a protection CODE to my mt5 trading robot before sharing the (.ex5) file to my friends. 1. I want the SOURCE CODE to make my EA (Trading Robot) to only trade on a registered account number. 2. I want the EA (Trading Robot) to expire after a certain period of time. 3. I SHOULD BE ABLE TO USE THE SOURCE CODE on other upcoming projects (Trading robots and Indicators for mt5) thats all
5 Applications
150+ USD
I need experienced programmer to build an EA based on a library of about 40 price patterns (very simple stuff, e.g pattern "1": close day1 > close day2 and close day2 > close day3) that would generate a trade on a specific triggers (e.g. if pattern "1" is true then open trade long at the breakout of yesterday's high). I need to compare each pattern individually when running strategy optimization being able to set a
9 Applications
30+ USD
I require my expert advisor be edited for sale on MQL5. The current error I recieve is "Invalid Stops" However this may or may not be the only error needed to be fixed so it will be uploaded for sale. The aim of this job is to get this advisor up for sale. Not per error fixed. The current robot is not scripted by me but was created using a automated expert advisor software. Will be updating software with new
30 - 60 USD
MACD+200 EMA Buy conditions 1- The price is above the 200 EMA 2- MACD line and signal line below the zero line 3- The MACD line cross above the signal line The trade will open at the closing of the signal candle Stop loss The stop loss is 1.6 ATR value below the low of the signal candle, (and I need to be able to change it if I want) I need to be able to choose between PIPs value, account % and lot
30+ USD
Hi, Looking for a experienced friendly coder who can fix the attached virtual trailing stop. The requirements are as follows: 1. Require minimal modification of the existing code ( trailing stop.mq4 attached) 2. Should be able to trail multiple orders of opposite directions at the same time 3. Must be able to filter based on Order ID 4. Ideally the whole code should sit inside void VirtualTrailingStop() in the
Candle Expert (personal job)
30 USD
The expert will have to analyze the candle, and at each close it will place pending orders on the high and low of the previous candle. If the pending orders are not activated, the next time the candle closes, the robot will modify the pending orders, always calculating the maximum and minimum of the previous candle. So once installed, the expert will not activate any pending orders, but will always wait for the
1 Application
30+ USD
Buffer modification ot the Halftrend Indicator file Task 1: Implemantion that the indicator give out 1 or -1 as value instead of price level which is currently included. These shall be setted for "up" "dwn" "arrup" and "arrdwn" ("SignalBuy", 1); - Passing a buy signal. ("SignalSell", -1); - Passing a sell signal. Task 2: Open the buffers that it can be used/readed of an external expert advisor
30+ USD
Hello programmers, an EA based a custom indicator called HMA is needed. The indicator is sort of an MA that changes colors when the trend changes. It has 2 colors. When the HMA indicator changes its color ( and it matches the color of the HMA on a higher time frame), then the EA will trigger an order. buy or sell, respectively. Variables to be filled by operator: - Time frame for entry - Higher time frame - Exit
Modify Advanced EA (personal job)
100+ USD
Modify Advanced EA 1. Start with the Basic & Intermediate EA templates. This job is an extension of the previous two jobs. a) The Advanced EA has every function available in the Basic & Intermediate EAs. 2. Please add: b) Auto Lot Size feature: Remove all previous limits. The user can increase or decrease as he/she wishes. c) Show Auto Lot Size EA Dashboard/UI with 1 button under Risk Percent. 3. Please add: d) Take
50 - 150 USD
Need a EA/program built for MT5 that can open multiple identical orders (same currency/symbol) of at least basic buy and sell orders at once up to the maximum of 200 orders for any lot size (100 lots max), so it should be able to open 200 x 100 lot buy trades (total 20000 lots) at once. I also need it to be able to modify the stop loss of all orders simultaneously and/or be able to apply a breakeven stop loss to all