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30+ USD
I need someone to translate one of my strategy developped on Tradingview Pinescript into a MQL4 coding. The deliverables will be the .ex4 and the coding lines on a .txt format. Your work will be validated if the backtest results on MT4 are mainly the same than those on Tradingview ( I will tolerate a +/- 10% for the drawdown and the profits, based on the same amount of time used for both backtests). You will not have
Looking for well experienced and fast developer for MQL5 and MQL4 (personal job)
300+ USD
Hello, i am looking for a developer who is able to fulfill all this demands: - programming language MQL5, MQL4 on the newest and fastest version in multiplatform - EA should trade multicurrency - developer should also know how to implement data from other websites (news/volume) - developer should know pattern and fibonacci trading - Also price action (ATR/TICKS/DELAY etc.) will be needed - EA will be for rent, so i
30 - 50 USD
Hello! My name is Luke and I am looking for someone that can rewrite an cAlgo code to a MQL4 code. It isn't an big script, but the strategy has to work like it does on cAlgo. Please try to understand how the bot works before rewriting it, because of course I want it to work like it is doing on cAlgo. Thankyou very much, I would like to here from the expert soon! Luke
50 - 211 USD
See the document Request for translation of code system and indicator from Pine Editor Language (scrip language from Tradingview.com) to MT4. 1. Translation of ANNSYSTEM ( an Expert system by itself) 2. Translation of CM_Ult_MacD 3. Adding money management to item #1 4. Integrating a Robot (ES) using items 1,2,and 3. These are the 4 required tasks. The code for each is included and a partial
30+ USD
The indicator will be base on 2 Heiken Ashi Smooth(HAS) with different Settings, Let me call them HAS1 and HAS2 Buy Alert 1 HAS1 is Green and HAS2 changes from red to green OR 2 HAS2 is Green and HAS1 changes from red to green OR 3 Both HAS1 and HAS2 changes from Red to Green at the same time Sell Alert 1 HAS1 is Red and HAS2 changes from green to red OR 2 HAS2 is Red and HAS1 Changes from Green to Red OR 3 Both HAS