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An EA with Bollinger Bands %B Strategy (personal job)
30 - 50 USD
1. Trading Signals : Buy signal(Opening 3 long positions each time): i) %B crossing up 1 ii) Get the value of 20MA Take profit or close position: i) 1 long position TP or Close when %B crossing down 1 ii) 1 long position TP or Close when the price close lower 20MA ii) 1 long position TP and SL with the value difference of entry price and 20ma(1:1) Sell signal(Opening 3 short positions each time): i) %B crossing down
30 - 200 USD
1. The idea of the trading system is as follows : market entries and exits are performed when price crossing 10 EMA and 50 SMA, with STC and ROC in the same direction 2. Trend is determined based on the 50 SMA in the same period. If the price is higher than 50SMA, the trend is seen as growing, only long position will be opened. Alternatively, If the price is lower than 50SMA, the trend is seen as going down, only
50 - 100 USD
I’m looking for a developer that could make an expert advisor (EA) that will Auto copy telegram signals to MT4 account. Then have ability to adjust and manage the trade bases off the signals change in the telegram channel. 1. Read and copy trading signals posted in specific telegram channels with different format to MT4. 2. Copy all the signals included Entry Price, Multiple entry's ,Stop Loss, take profit 1, take
30 - 106 USD
The idea of the trading system is as follows: market entries are performed when indicator values derived from Minions SlowRSI indicator on higher timeframe. I envision a scenario, I just want to be able to catch it when it comes around. -Adjustable timeframes on what's being traded & from which trend is derived from. For example, market order on 5min chart but SLOWRSI trend derived on 1HR chart. *Notes*: -I don't
Forex EA with Candle Pattern (personal job)
67+ USD
I would like a EA for forex market using a candle pattern. the risk management and the stop loss and entry points are described of the file. Some things are equal to the previous EA that you did
30+ USD
Hello coders, I want someone to make an expert advisor using the attached Indicator as per the following conditions: 1) Entry trade on any time frame should has value (WR) at 70 or more 2) next time frame shall indicates the same color (means the same direction). for above points 1&2, please see the attached photo for clarification 3) the indicator gives entry with three trades with three TP's (TP1,TP2 &TP3) and have
60+ USD
The existing EA will BUY & SELL forex pairs at the same time if there is no position at the current Market price. It will also close profitable positions (THE TAKE PROFIT VALUE is set by user). But this method will leave a lot of BAD trades in the opposite direction. In order to improve the situation, the developer need to provide codings so that when the overall profit (must equal or greater than the above TAKE
60+ USD
To create an EA using bollinger bands and engulfing candle pattern with some money management requirement and also using of the Fib retracement level for entry, stop loss and target price. More details will be shared to the developer on the system requirement
Adding extra futures (personal job)
50+ USD
Pls I need you to add extra futures to my ea first as it starts with 0.01 I want it to start with 0.02 then open in 5 places before adding and the new addition is from 0.10 next 0.15 next is 0.20 it will be adding like that and you have to give option I mean manual section that will enable me put what the adding will start from like I can decide the adding to start from 0.08 as default or I can decide the adding to
Additions to Expert Advisor (personal job)
50+ USD
Sir, You have done so well with the expert advisor. Now I am asking if you can add a few more. Can you please add a restricted events, close of trading week, close on the bid or ask, and manual trades being under the control of the EA. Once these are completed, writing them into the MT5 file as well. The specifications are attached, but you will find that they are what we discussed. Well...with the exception of the
10+ USD
Pago 10 usd . Para adicionar uma pequena função no meu EA. que é para aumentar lotes depois de um loss.. quero que quando ele toque um( SL) .. A Próxima ordem a abrir seja de um lote maior para cobrir a perda anterior. Ja tenho o EA. Enviarei o código fonte para as alterações. Urgente
30 - 60 USD
MACD+200 EMA Buy conditions 1- The price is above the 200 EMA 2- MACD line and signal line below the zero line 3- The MACD line cross above the signal line The trade will open at the closing of the signal candle Stop loss The stop loss is 1.6 ATR value below the low of the signal candle, (and I need to be able to change it if I want) I need to be able to choose between PIPs value, account % and lot
30+ USD
Hello programmers, an EA based a custom indicator called HMA is needed. The indicator is sort of an MA that changes colors when the trend changes. It has 2 colors. When the HMA indicator changes its color ( and it matches the color of the HMA on a higher time frame), then the EA will trigger an order. buy or sell, respectively. Variables to be filled by operator: - Time frame for entry - Higher time frame - Exit
50 - 150 USD
Need a EA/program built for MT5 that can open multiple identical orders (same currency/symbol) of at least basic buy and sell orders at once up to the maximum of 200 orders for any lot size (100 lots max), so it should be able to open 200 x 100 lot buy trades (total 20000 lots) at once. I also need it to be able to modify the stop loss of all orders simultaneously and/or be able to apply a breakeven stop loss to all
100 - 500 USD
I need a bot that will execute the strategy in the attached video for buy or sell orders in MT5 Additional requirements 1. I would like to be able to modify the stop loss 2. Add 2 additional EMA's (1. 50 days, 2. 200 days). All 4 EMA's must cross before an order can be executed. 3. I would like to modify the lot size 4. I would like to modify the bot to run on any pair, indices ,cypto-curriency, etc. of my choosing
30 - 200 USD
Hi. I have a strategy ready based on the two indicators purchased on this website. I would like someone to write an EA under it and help me optimize it
100+ USD
Breakout EA is a Momentum Break out indicator EA, Which filters the time zone and daily Pivot channel. The Strategy pursuing the trend direction accordance of momentum, also it filters with time zone and pivot channel to avoid false momentum breakout. Expert Advisor trades on All Pairs using market orders. It’s using default indicator and trend following on pattern. The indicator's signals are verified by Elder-Ray
35 - 45 USD
I have this ichimoku based EA that I´ve been using it semi_automatic. EA opens trades for me based on a strategy of my own and closing trades manually. Now I wanna take it to the next level. improving the TakeProfit behavior and preventing from open trades in consolidation zones, using some custom indicators. This would be the list of modifications I need: 1.-Take out the RSI filter 2.-Add a ATR Probablity Levels to
5 Applications
35+ USD
I want a programmer who can finish up my Hedging EA by inserting mathematical formulas for placing pending orders Recalculating TP position when the pending orders are activated Then closing all running trades simultaneously when the TP is hit
30 - 31 USD
Hi, i am looking a perfect programer who can add function in my EA 1. Add martingale option 2. add session function ( to stop EA in any session) if possible