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I want an expect advisor that will open and close trades based on my indicator setup on 5 minutes chart. I am currently using 3 Moving Average indicarots . I don't have support and resistance indicator so it will have to be installed because it needs to be part of the strategy. I am using a tablet with android. I also want copy protection for this expert advisor so no one can copy it without my approval
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Other Statistics and mathematics C++ Trading robot/indicator debugging Forex 2020.03.30
200 - 400 USD
EX based on one indicator only . formula MQL4 (pic .1) Strategy conditions : 1-the size of the cloud should be large or medium .(pic.2-2.2) 2-if the color of the cloud is red buy if it is bluesell. at the end of cloud (pic.3) 3-cross of the two lines yellow and blue above or under the cloud and outside .( pic.4) 4-after fulfilling the above three conditions, the expert must enter when the price or candle touches the
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Experts Other Trading robot/indicator debugging Strategy optimization Forex Text writing 2019.11.05
30 - 40 USD
I need an expert advisor that can closes orders according to 200 liner weighted moving average when price or candle hits 200 LWMA even loss/profit expert will close the orders automatically .i want it for Frame 5M only file should be in mql4 formula (mt4 platform)
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Experts Other Trading robot/indicator debugging Forex 2019.10.17
30+ USD
I need someone to translate one of my strategy developped on Tradingview Pinescript into a MQL4 coding. The deliverables will be the .ex4 and the coding lines on a .txt format. Your work will be validated if the backtest results on MT4 are mainly the same than those on Tradingview ( I will tolerate a +/- 10% for the drawdown and the profits, based on the same amount of time used for both backtests). You will not have
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Other Translation Trading robot/indicator debugging Forex Stocks Text translation 2019.10.04
Converting an indicator to Python 3.6 codes/functions (personal job)
30 - 40 USD
Converting an indicator to Python 3.6 codes/functions Hello, I have another indicator which I am interested in. I have been working with Python for a while now. With no MQL4/MQL5 knowledge, I would like someone to help me convert the indicator into working Python codes/functions. Cheers. You need to be: Able to communicate with me at all time Have advanced programming skills Have a great technology and programing
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Other Python Trading robot/indicator debugging 2019.09.20
50+ USD
There has been some problems with my robot.. it doesn`t execute orders anymore and I need it to be checked for errors in the code. Also it sometimes execute orders late in the market and I want to know what the reason is
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Other Consultation Trading robot/indicator debugging 2019.09.05
30+ USD
Hi I need money management module for MQL5 wizard. the module determines the lots size based on account balance, risk and SL. SL -set by user (eg. 300) balance - from system (eg. 2000) risk -set by user(eg. 2%) max_lot - set by user (eg.50) amount_risk = balance * risk point = 0,00001 lotsSize = (point*amount_risk)/((SL*point)*10) //I hope my thinking is good if lotSize > max_lot then lotSize = max_lot Thank you, I
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Experts Other Trading robot/indicator debugging Strategy modules Forex 2018.10.06
30 - 100 USD
Hi! If you have experience to program EA and if you are interested don`t hesitate to apply! I use moving averages, 3 consecutive candle pattern, and the previous wick`s size as tp level. I tell you more in private after you applied. Thank you
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Experts Other Trading robot/indicator debugging Forex 2018.04.20
100 - 500 USD
EA for TradeExecution/Management and Change Timeframe/Zoom in Chart I need an EA with thefollowing features. The EA is for setting trades with stoploss andtarget with a fixed percentage of the account balance AND has theability to zoom in and out all open charts which has the EAinside(about 20 charts) together at the same time AND switchtimeframe on all open charts with the EA inside together. I mean ifyou change the
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Experts Other Statistics and mathematics Panels and dialog boxes Custom graphics Trading robot/indicator debugging Forex Futures Stocks 2018.03.03
70 - 150 USD
I have a website in which i want to integrate control my expert advisors trades over there ..i need a coder who can help me to control my expert advisors at my website. eg. i) i can stop ea trading activities where ever in all mt4 and vps that expert advisor is fix ii) i can delete all trades placed by expert advisors in all mt4 and vps with a single click. deletion of trade can be also single out delete eg can
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Other OpenCL Statistics and mathematics Custom graphics Trading robot/indicator debugging Collection of data on the internet C++ Java SQL HTML Product Design Photoshop 2017.12.31
30+ USD
looking for someone help to complete subscribing a signal from this website. This is most easy job for developers, but it is expected we have many more jobs for the developer selected in the future
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Other Consultation Trading robot/indicator debugging Strategy optimization Strategy modules Uploading data to a website Data mining 2017.12.21
100+ USD
If it's possible for anyone who has knowledge with collecting information I would like to see (all) records on the Fractal indicator for only the Day time frame. Thank You
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Indicators Other Trading robot/indicator debugging Collection of data on the internet C++ Java JavaScript Forex Data mining 2017.11.11