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100 - 200 USD
I would to build the candle scanner which capable to display multi TF in single dashboard. Candlestick formation involve are pinbar, shooting star, hammer, outside bar and engulfing and one custom parameter. The dashboard should be able to send all kind of notification on selected timeframe. The dashboard should be able to run 30 pair at minimum memory and processor. all the details will be sent
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Indicators Libraries Panels and dialog boxes Custom graphics Trading robot/indicator debugging Forex 2019.06.27
Display running current values from MK provided by functions from DLL (personal job)
50+ USD
This is a continuation of the previous job I want an EA who will display the result of calculating the function of the MKT when this function is asked during the period, not only at new candle appear. So, the result from the MK values must change because the Bid (Close[0]) changes, between new candles And obviously, the EA should provide same values as displayed by the MK indicator you wrote
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Experts Libraries C++ Trading robot/indicator debugging 2019.01.21
35 - 100 USD
I have developed many strategies and I want to thoroughly test all strategies I have and analyze how they behave with or without news. Therefore, I am inviting a developer to make news backtesting EA/module/solution for me. I have developed many strategies and I need a module that will filter news out as instructed. The module should be able to support fast backtest using news archive on csv file or library or
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Experts Libraries Statistics and mathematics Panels and dialog boxes Trading robot/indicator debugging Strategy optimization Strategy modules Collection of data on the internet Uploading data to a website Product Design 2018.12.06
30 - 100 USD
Hi all, I am in need of an EA programmer who can help send all Metatrader notifications to email. Details below: Send as soon as an order is opened (Buy, Sell, Limit, Stop, Stop limit...)When orders are activated (Limit, Stop, Stop limit,....)When the order is closed (hit TP, hit SL, close by manual, margin stop,...)When I modify an order (Trailing Stop, change SL, change TP,...)When I close a part of the order
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Experts Libraries Trading robot/indicator debugging Strategy optimization Strategy modules Forex Product Design 2018.07.11
75+ USD
I am looking for an experienced programmer to perform the following tasks: Fix bug in license check The EA validates the license by sending a request to ourserver. A php script on the server then checks if the account name/number combination existsin the sql database. The license check works correct but only for demoaccounts. From some unknown reason it does not work on real accounts. Your jobis to find out what is
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Libraries Scripts Trading robot/indicator debugging PHP 2018.05.15
30 - 200 USD
I am looking for someone to create an EA with Machine Learning Algorithm ( MLA ) . It can be with any time frame. The MLA will learn from mistakes and correct them in the next trade. I was finding a way to work with Microsoft Azure but with no luck. Can you help me ? Thank you
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Experts Libraries Trading robot/indicator debugging C++ C# Java Data mining Text writing 2018.04.19