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30+ USD
Hello, I need an indicator for Tradestation that I had coded for me and would like it translated into MT4 code. Once that is completed I will also need to have an EA designed with some predefined specs. I will talk with you on that after the indicator is completed. I will give the code once approved for the job. Thanks
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30+ USD
Good day everyone.... I need a developer who can help me in optimizing my ea trading strategy. Any one who can do this should kindly message me for conclusion of project. Thanks y'all
30 - 10000 USD
I have a trading plan with the full detailed specifications but here is a summary: Using pre-defined rules for market structure on a "base" timeframe (higher timeframe), 1) after the first break of structure (on the base TF), the EA needs to be able to correctly identify mitigation of the order block that caused the first break of structure, 2) then wait for a second break of structure (on the base TF) 3) wait for
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MQL5 Esperti C++ Forex
35 - 45 USD
Hello there, I need help help with creating a trend line indicator for my Tradingview pinescript, you are free to bid now if this is what you have done before and so that we can discuss further. Thanks
50 - 70 USD
Hello there, I need help with copying the signal i receive from a telegram channel to my mt4. I am a paid subscriber of the signal channel. Please bid now if this is something you can do. Thanks
30 - 35 USD
A customized indicator with specific parameters that notify you to go long or short on trades at the exact specified point. With automation and reduction in complexity with EMA's and RSI ( period & timeframe) taking position perfectly and according to the given rules without been oversold or overbought
30 - 35 USD
Am in need of mt5 developer that can build/ develop trading indicator with my strategy.All the project details is available with me kindly bid if it is what you can do for me . Thanks
100 - 500 USD
I have a very intense code logic that needs to be coded, I'm looking for a high grade programmer to also partner with my firm. Partnering with us will allow you to also get a commission (% is discussed more if you are able to achieve the code design) on all sales of the program. This is a long term partnership so please be aware this will not be easy and it may be 6 days working, 1 day off
Develop MT5 Plugin using C++ (lavori personali)
30 - 50 USD
Hello, I need to develop a MT5 plugin using C++. The requirements are: It will wait for 3 seconds before an order is executed. In 3 seconds, it will get the highest price for buy, and the lowest price for sell. Finally the order will be executed with the chosen price. I also need the codes of the plugin. Thank you
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C++ Librerie Altro C++
30 - 100 USD
I need a developer to code EA by using DLL that will communicate with a WordPress Plugin using the API of the Plugin to Authenticate the License Key of an EA. Users after logging into my WordPress website and updating their Profile information like Name & Account number, broker, and after finalizing by Admin, the user will have EA access MT4/5 on his account. Any Plugin in WordPress can be used for managing profile
30+ USD
Hello. I want to develop customized EA/PARABOLLIC SR timeframe with selected pair list. Easy to use and customizable RSI setting {Time frame selection} Built-in money management Grid trading when trade in Loss Customizable break-even, SL, TP and trailing stop Filter trading by multiple forex sessions Built-in news filter. EA automatic download news data from news website. Grid trading when trade in Profit (In Pro
30+ USD
I need to modify my EA, adding new guide and features, but remotely for my safety modify the graphical GUI add new features All the details will be sent to the private chat
40+ USD
hello, i need to modify mys ea and convert them to mq4 and vice versa, but i need all the task to be done remotely by teamviewer for my safety
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30+ USD
Hi, Looking for a clever programmer who is well ad versed and knows how the Quasimodo pattern works in the Fx market via MT4. I'm looking for the indicator that has a auto optimization coded into the indicator with a small summary of notes of its winning and loosing trades above 80%. Here is attached a brief video of the pattern: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hackq5ZO4KI There is a indicator on here very similar
30 - 100000 USD
All!!! I have 95% accuracy trading strategy. I will not share details of course with anyone how that works. But what i can do is to try to find someone that will help me or teach me how to code the complex my strategy system and put my knowledge into the automated EA. If that happens within months i will make you millionaire (if not sooner) Think
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MQL5 Esperti C++
500 - 2000 USD
Hello, ***I'M LOOKING FOR SOMEONE SERIOUS!! I DO NOT WANT PEOPLE WHO HAVE HAD ZERO EXPERIENCE IN CREATING SOMETHING LIKE THIS*** We are wanting an EA that has a lot of moving parts. We have an indicator that produces signals for our website ( https://www.thrivingbull.com ). We are gathering signals for a binary options website / broker called ( www.nadex.com ) We already have an EA that does everything we want to
100+ USD
I need to integrate my mobile application with gateway to receive send order, modify delete , receive the order status and also the broadcast so that we can create a interactive application that can be used as trading platform in place of MT5 terminal
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MQL5 Altro C++ SQL MySQL Product Design
30+ USD
I am trying to create a simple MT4 Indicator that counts how many times a candle bar meets a certain criterion? I was hoping you may help. Image attached shows more detail. Thanks
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30 USD
nothing complex just a simple bot will do. Mt4 to Telegram signal bot, let me know if you can code it asap. Those who are interested let me know. Because it is a simple project, quote yourself will pick the best developer who offers good price 30$ and below
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MQL4 Esperti C++ C# Forex
30+ USD
I need to create a rectangle like the one shown in the picture, to which I can add custom time and price levels, like a fibonacci. The indicator should work in all metatrader 5 timeframes. And it must have a hotkey to activate it
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