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30+ USD
Very simple, I need a bot for IQ Options that only buys and if the bet is a loss it will double I want the execution to be as close to immediately after the previous candle close as possible
40 - 50 USD
Hello, I'm looking for a professional who can assist me with a task in amibroker. Experts in this sector should bid, and the essential details will be sent to your email. Best regards
35+ USD
Hello, I'm looking for QuickFIX, FIX Protocol experienced developer. I need to connect and consume a FIX API through a web app (retrieve data and execute trades). Let me know if you have any questions
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C++ Integration Other C++ JavaScript
30 - 35 USD
Hello i need an expert who can help me with a work i have in amibroker professionals in this field should bid and necessary information will be send to your inbox best regards
3 Applications
35 - 45 USD
Hello there, I need help help with creating a trend line indicator for my Tradingview pinescript, you are free to bid now if this is what you have done before and so that we can discuss further. Thanks
Develop MT5 Plugin using C++ (personal job)
30 - 50 USD
Hello, I need to develop a MT5 plugin using C++. The requirements are: It will wait for 3 seconds before an order is executed. In 3 seconds, it will get the highest price for buy, and the lowest price for sell. Finally the order will be executed with the chosen price. I also need the codes of the plugin. Thank you
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C++ Libraries Other C++
100+ USD
I need to integrate my mobile application with gateway to receive send order, modify delete , receive the order status and also the broadcast so that we can create a interactive application that can be used as trading platform in place of MT5 terminal
1 Application
MQL5 Other C++ SQL MySQL Product Design
30 - 40 USD
Hello,Am in need a developer to create a trade copier to copy trades from 1 mt4 account to multiple slave accounts over the internet..please can you do this implementation.All the project details is available with me .Kindly dm if it is what you can do for me
100 - 150 USD
Hello there!!! How are you doing? can u design an indicator and stratergy for trading view with high return ratio.let me know if you can..Only master and professional should bid