missing candles for full day

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William Roeder #:
Right Click → Refresh?

tried that too. it cleared the full screen, and started drawing the current candle on the left side of screen. I left it drawing for few hours, and then pressed PGUp which would normally go back a page. nothing happened. I then closed the terminal, and copened it again, and all the candles were back, cept for that 1 day, again.

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and i have checked 2nd platform on same broker, no issues there, so its just that 1 terminal.

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i have given up, and just deleted/uninstalled mt5 and installed it again, starting with a fresh terminal.

After 6 hours of googling, it seems it is just about the most welknown bug with mt5 that has happend for years and years, and MQ has never fixed it, and apparently does not have any intention of fixing anytime soon, and yet they continue to pile on the features every month or so. It sounds a lot like building a sand castle, don't it?