PROBLEM Loading starting with /portable /config:menuconfig.ini

Guys, for days, I've been trying to solve this problem, but without success, so far nothing.

Can someone help me. All questions and doubts on this topic, there was no objective answer or respect. From the MT5 help, it seems simple.

But, when trying to solve the following steps, it does not connect directly, as I will describe below:

.ini file


Login=[my account]

Server=[broker's server]

Password=[my password]

...end file

running in terminal

* the directory is on the drive, user=administrator,

and all necessary performance rights


D:\MT5\terminal64.exe /config:d:\MT5\config1.ini, I've tried with /portable and also without /portable.


mt5 recognizes the command on boot,

execute it,

however, it does not connect to the brokerage account..., but creates a user on the metaquotes demo account

PLEASE can someone answer me..

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