90% Winning strategy with Renko Chart.(Actually works 90%..wow)


Very simple. Use the standard 8-10 pips renko bars, I prefer 8 pips.

If you wanna use bitcoin, set it at 14000 pips(which is about 10 pips).

So you wanna go to the four hour chart, and look for 3 bars and one candle reverse. After you see the price action setup, enter on the 2nd bar(in pictures). For me I put my take profit at the end of the 2nd bar, so I'm guranteed 10 pips every trade.


Also, to see if it's a legitimate 3 bar reversal switch to the 1hr back to the 4hr. If the 3 bars setup dissappear, don't TRADE! I Repeat do not take the trade. If it still shows up the setup when you switch time frames, ok then those are permanent renko bars that will stay there.

Here's how many times it worked on bitcoin. x is for lost, blue line is for win:

If you travel scroll over left more, you will see it worked pretty much all the time, even though there were losers at times


Sergey Golubev  


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He means change the timeframe of the chart which has the renko EA attached from 4 hr back to 1 hr back to 4 hr, so you can see if the Renko chart is painting correctly.  Using it on US30 today.  So far 2 out of 3 trades won.  The loss was because my stop was too tight.
This strategy is not profitable. I made a quick ea and saw the results: bad.
Renko have catched my eye too lately.
Roberto Danilo:
renko does not have the timeframe hours

so how will you trade it conveniently to avoid high volatility

Can someone do an ea for this? 
William Roeder  
termometr12: Can someone do an ea for this? 
  1. Yes, many people know how to code.
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  2. You have only four choices:
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