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I'm tired

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qjol 2014.07.01 17:43 

why i'm tired ?

ho, let me think..

maybe because people ask questions without providing deatails

or maybe because people ask questions that can easily get answered using a quick Search (top right corner on every page)

or google

or maybe because people are lazy and don't wanna spend their time to learn

or maybe they want the dirty work done by others

Ian Venner
Ian Venner 2014.07.02 01:31  

I feel you bro, the ones that annoy me the most are the freeloaders who never tried to learn the language but expect those who have learned to do coding for them, for free. And they don't even tip. It would be nice if just one time someone sent me a pm and said thanks for fixing my code, have a drink on me I sent 20 bucks to your mql5 account. You know what I mean ?

Brian Kester
Brian Kester 2014.07.07 19:39  

FWIW some of us really make a serious effort to be good forum users. I have gotten some amazing help from here and thank you and everyone so much for the help i've received. Ill try to pay it forward and help out some people here as i get better at programming.

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