European Central Bank (ECB) Vice President Constancio Speech

European Union
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The European Central Bank Vice President Vitor Constancio Speech is the second important event among speeches of the ECB officials, having a considerable influence on European markets.

Vitor Constantio is a Portuguese economist, who has been the Vice President of the ECB since 2010. He often participates in various events of the European Commission, speaks at various international forums, conferences and congresses, occasionally takes the place of the ECB President to announce decisions, etc.

The ECB's Vice President has access to the full information on the intentions of the ECB board and the opinions of its separate members. If his rhetoric suggests possible developments in the future monetary policy, such as the upcoming tightening or easing, this may have a short-term effect on the euro. However, this volatility is of an insignificant and short-term nature.