Bank of Canada (BoC) Financial System Review

CAD, Canadian dollar

Bank of Canada (BoC) Financial System Review is published twice a year. It contains a detailed evaluation of the country's financial system and the stability of the Canadian banking sector. It also contains an analysis of the current financial sector policy: its effectiveness, the need for additional measures, etc.

Like most of other BoC's reports, the Financial System Review contains a detailed analysis of current risks to the financial system: reasons for such risks and possible ways to avoid them.

The review is provided with data sheets and diagrams for an easier analysis.

The publication of the review provokes a traditionally high interest among professional analysts, since it features a complete analysis of financial situation and contains information, based on which the Bank of Canada adopts monetary policy measures and interest rate decisions. Depending on provided estimates, the review publication can cause a short-term volatility in the CAD quotes.