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IncStochasticOnArray - library for MetaTrader 5

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2011.12.21 10:20
2016.11.22 07:32

CStochasticOnArray class is designed for calculation of Stochastic on indicator buffers.


Init() method with the following parameters is called in the OnInit() function:

  • int STPeriodK - K period;
  • int STPeriodD - D period;
  • int STPeriodS - S period.
  • ENUM_MA_METHOD STMethod - smoothing method signal line.

Solve() method with the following parameters is called in the OnCalculate() function:

  • const int aRatesTotal - is a rates_total variable from the OnCalculate() function parameters;
  • const int aPrevCalc - prev_calculated variable from the OnCalculate() function;
  • double aDataClose[] - the buffer with the data used for the indicator calculation;
  • double aDataHigh[] - the buffer with the High data for the indicator calculation;
  • double aDataLow[] - the buffer with the Low data for the indicator calculation;
  • double & aStochMain[] - calculated value of the main line;
  • double & aStochSignal[] - calculated value of the signal line.

Additional methods:

  • int BarsRequiredSignal() - returns the minimum number of bars for the signal line calculation;
  • int BarsRequiredMain() - returns the minimum number of bars for the main line calculation;
  • string Name() - returns the line with the indicator name.

Test_StochasticOnArray.mq5 is a sample indicator showing CStochasticOnArray class usage. IncStochasticOnArray file must be placed to MQL5\Include\IncOnArray of the terminal data folder (IncOnArray folder must be created).

CMAOnArray class from the IncMAOnArray file is needed for the proper work. It can be found here.

The Stochastic Oscillator Technical Indicator compares where a security’s price closed relative to its price range over a given time period. The Stochastic Oscillator is displayed as two lines.

Example of use of CStochasticOnArray class

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Original code:

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