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from MetaStock by Rosh

Three normalized oscillators on one chart.

The formula for the calculation:

StoneAxe(bar) = 200 * ( Close[bar] - Lowest(bar, period) ) / ( Highest(bar, period) - Lowest(bar, period) ) - 100

This indicator was first implemented in MQL4 and published in the Code Base at on 02.02.2008.

The StoneAxe_x3x indicator

The StoneAxe_x3x indicator

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Original code:

BlauCSI_HTF_Signal BlauCSI_HTF_Signal

The BlauCSI_HTF_Signal indicator shows trend direction based on the data of the BlauCSI indicator as a graphical object with colored trend indication, gives alerts or audio signals and sends push notifications on your smartphone.

r_MaСrossing r_MaСrossing

A moving average calculated as an average of all variants of calculation of the classical Moving Average with a signal line and the possibility to produce alerts and send push notifications.

Exp_BlauCSI Exp_BlauCSI

Trading system using the BlauCSI indicator.


The indicator fixes the moments when the volatility of the financial asset takes to a minimum value and puts colored dots on the chart in the middle of the range of the candlestick movement.