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2017.11.03 12:33
SubWindow.mqh (5.65 KB)view

The library can be connected using

#include <fxsaber\SubWindow.mqh>

All other files on this page provide examples/scenarios of library application; they are not needed for the operation of the library.


// Getting the index of the chart subwindow based on coordinates
int SUBWINDOW::Get( const long Chart_ID, const int X, const int Y );

// Deleting a chart subwindow
bool SUBWINDOW::Delete( const long Chart_ID, const uint Index );
// Deleting all chart subwindows
bool SUBWINDOW::DeleteAll( const long Chart_ID = 0 );

// Creating a copy of a chart subwindow
bool SUBWINDOW::Copy( const long Chart_ID, const uint IndexSrc, const uint IndexDst );
// Changing the positions of chart subwindows
bool SUBWINDOW::Swap( const long Chart_ID, const uint Index1, const uint Index2 );


The library use examples/scenarios are attached to the description.

  • SubWindow_Copy.mq5

    // Creates a copy of the subwindow, to which the script is attached
  • SubWindow_Delete.mq5

    // Deletes the subwindow, to which the script is attached
  • SubWindow_DeleteAll.mq5

    // Deletes all chart subwindows
  • SubWindow_Manager.mq5

    // Manages chart subwindows


Drag&Drop - Swap SubWindows

Drag&Drop+CTRL - Copy SubWindows

SHIFT+Click - Delete SubWindow

DELETE - Delete All SubWindows


For a better understanding of how to use the library, here is a short source code:

#include <fxsaber\SubWindow.mqh>

void OnStart()
  SUBWINDOW::Swap(0, 1, 2); // On the current chart (0) we swap the first (1) and the second (2) subwindows


The use of the library on the zero subwindow (the chart) is unpredictable, because is a completely abnormal situation.

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Original code:

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