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Demo_IndicatorSetInteger - indicator for MetaTrader 5

2013.07.31 21:50
2016.11.22 07:32

An example of the IndicatorSetInteger() function. A simple indicator that shows how to create a label, e.g. "Overbought level" for each horizontal level.

Using the #property compiler directives for the indicator, which is drawn in a separate window, you can specify color, style and width of horizontal levels, for example:

//--- Set showing of three horizontal levels in a separate indicator window
<s1p>#property indicator_level1 20
#property indicator_level2 50
#property indicator_level3 80
//--- Set the width of horizontal levels
#property indicator_levelwidth 5
//--- Set the color of horizontal levels
#property indicator_levelcolor clrAliceBlue
//--- Set the style of horizontal levels

In addition, the IndicatorSetInteger() function can dynamically set the style for each level

//--- Set the color of the level

Styles of horizontal lines can be set by the ENUM_LINE_STYLE enumeration:




Solid line


Dashed line


Dotted line


Dash-dot line


Dash - two dots



Numbering of properties (modifiers) starts from 1 (one) when using the #property directive, while the function uses numbering from 0 (zero). In case the level number is set incorrectly, resulting indicator can differ from the intended one.

For example, in order to set width of the first horizontal line use index zero:

//--- index 0 is used to set width of the first level
IndicatorSetInteger(INDICATOR_LEVELWIDTH, 0, 5);   

Example of using the IndicatorSetInteger() function

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Original code:

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