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MultiColorZerolagTriXOSMATrend_x10 - indicator for MetaTrader 5

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2015.07.24 16:34
2016.11.22 07:32

The MultiColorZerolagTriXOSMATrend_x10 indicator shows information on current trends using the ColorZerolagTriXOSMA indicator direction from ten different timeframes.

Each of the ten indicator lines corresponds to a separate indicator. Growing oscillator movement paints the lines in purple, and falling movement — in pink. Otherwise, the lines are gray. Colored dots on lines appear when a new bar opens on the corresponding timeframe.

Fig.1. The MultiColorZerolagTriXOSMATrend_x10 indicator

Fig.1. The MultiColorZerolagTriXOSMATrend_x10 indicator

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Time Price Scale Enables Disables Time Price Scale Enables Disables

The script controls the display of time and price scales for all open charts or only for one chart.

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ColorZerolagTriXOSMATrend_x10 ColorZerolagTriXOSMATrend_x10

The ColorZerolagTriXOSMATrend_x10 indicator shows the ColorZerolagTriXOSMA oscillator direction from ten different timeframes.

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