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2014.08.06 15:13
2016.11.22 07:32
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A colored cloud using two consecutive averages of the price series.

The idea of the indicator: a moving average of another moving average. This is a good alternative to two moving averages in simple trend trading systems. The author's studies clearly show significant advantages of this signaling system as compared to a system based on two moving averages - therefore, the author recommends that all traders who use crossing of moving averages switch to MaByMa.

The indicator uses SmoothAlgorithms.mqh library classes (must be copied to the terminal_data_folder\MQL5\Include). The use of the classes was thoroughly described in the article "Averaging Price Series for Intermediate Calculations Without Using Additional Buffers".

The original indicator was developed in the MQL4 language and published in the CodeBase on 30.03.2013.

Figure 1. The MaByMa indicator

Figure 1. The MaByMa indicator

Translated from Russian by MetaQuotes Software Corp.
Original code:

ImportantInformation ImportantInformation

The indicator displays the information about the time and account properties.

ATR_Normalize_HTF ATR_Normalize_HTF

The ATR_Normalize indicator with the timeframe selection option available in input parameters.

MaByMaSignal MaByMaSignal

A semaphore signal indicator that uses the algorithm of crossing of two Moving Averages obtained from two consecutive averages.

RegressionPolynomial_HTF RegressionPolynomial_HTF

The RegressionPolynomial indicator with the timeframe selection option available in input parameters.