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2012.11.19 14:49

MultiCurrency - indicator for MetaTrader 5

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The MultiCurrency indicator allows you to concurrently analyze up to eight currency charts. The indicator itself does not perform any calculations. It simply displays eight CrossIndex indicator candlestick charts in the current chart.

Indicator input parameters: 

input bool ShowIndicator1=true; //permission to display the indicator            
input string Symbol1="EURUSD"; //currency
input bool Direct1=true;//no chart inversion

input bool ShowIndicator2=true; //permission to display the indicator            
input string Symbol2="GBPUSD"; //currency
input bool Direct2=true;//no chart inversion

input bool ShowIndicator3=true; //permission to display the indicator            
input string Symbol3="AUDUSD"; //currency
input bool Direct3=true;//no chart inversion

input bool ShowIndicator4=true; //permission to display the indicator            
input string Symbol4="NZDUSD"; //currency
input bool Direct4=true;//no chart inversion

input bool ShowIndicator5=true; //permission to display the indicator            
input string Symbol5="USDCHF"; //currency
input bool Direct5=false;//no chart inversion

input bool ShowIndicator6=true; //permission to display the indicator            
input string Symbol6="USDJPY"; //currency
input bool Direct6=false;//no chart inversion

input bool ShowIndicator7=true; //permission to display the indicator            
input string Symbol7="USDCAD"; //currency
input bool Direct7=false;//no chart inversion

input bool ShowIndicator8=true; //permission to display the indicator            
input string Symbol8="XAUUSD"; //currency
input bool Direct8=true;//no chart inversion 

Operation of the indicator requires the CrossIndex.mq5 indicator to be placed in terminal_directory\MQL5\Indicators.

Fig.1 The MultiCurrency Indicator

Fig.1 The MultiCurrency Indicator 

Translated from Russian by MetaQuotes Software Corp.
Original code:

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