Smart Grab

Smart Grab

30 September 2018, 21:17
Yaser Sabbaghi

Smart Grab

Smart Grab EA is a fully automated Expert Advisor that analyzes the market trend and volatility to find accurate breakout. Smart Grab is consisting of a smart algorithm to determine the support and resistance level. With this valuable data, SMART GRAB is able to find an explosive market situation when it likes a compressed spring...

Smart Grab is a trap to catch sharp market momentum.

This EA is fully simple customizable by the user.

It is simple to manage your money. Set your risk to for safer trading.

Smart grab includes slippage protection.

Best performing on the H1 timeframe and minimum deposit 100$.

Initial settings are used for EURUSD H1.



  • Use a broker with a low spread and a low-latency VPS server.
  • Use EURUSD / USDJPY / EURJPY / GBPJPY at H1 for trading with this EA.
  • Minimum account leverage 1:200
  • Use minimal deposit of 100 USD


  • TakeProfit: Use this to set take profit.
  • MaxStopLoss: Use this to set stop loss.
  • Risk: Set the risk% for money management.
  • MoneyManage: Manage your money with a dynamic lot.
  • StaticLot: Fixed order size when the risk is set to zero (0).
  • TimeFrame: Working Timeframe.
  • SlTrail: Trail your stop loss if you are in profit.
  • TrailSize: Trail Size in pip.
  • MaxSpread: Set the maximum acceptable spread.
  • ExpDate: Expiration date for pending order.
  • magic: Unique identification number of orders
  • springSize: Size of Compressed market spring (accumulation).
  • WeekendClose: Close active order at weekends.
  • ShowGraph: Show graphical analysis on your chart.
  • COLOR_SL: Color of sell orders details.
  • COLOR_TP: Color of Buy orders details.

You can simply manage your EA with simple input parameter.

You can use small Stoploss and small SLTrail for decreasing your drawdown an increase your profit factor. sl < 150 and sltrail = 5

So if you want more profit, with the higher risk you can use higher Stop loss and higher SLTrair. sl  > 200 and sltrail > 10

you should see last week trades with this ea:

Smart Grab Trades

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