Locking trading in the forex market or just hedging?

Locking trading in the forex market or just hedging?

30 September 2017, 17:48
Yurij Batura

This strategy is not new, but, in my opinion, is not fully implemented among traders. In this blog, I will try to reveal its capabilities and discuss this strategy with traders of different professional level and length of trade. In general, my strategy - "Locking Trade" is implemented in the trading adviser BuySellProf, Free BuySellProf, BuySellProf Security, there is a detailed description of his work and video, but all the possibilities of this strategy will be described gradually, here are some of them - free signals Expert BuySellProf, BuySellProf SecurityExpert BuySellProf 10

For 12 years of trading on the market, there have been a lot of interesting positive cases of implementing this strategy, for example, in one of the brokerage houses they gave an unregistered registration bonus of $ 8, and so, thanks to the locking positions, I managed to raise the deposit to $ 310.

In addition, it is very convenient to implement this strategy, in the short term, for example - the news outlet. Since 100% of the events that affect the movement of the market price cannot be predicted, many are waiting for news. When news comes out, the price always fluctuates in both bullish and bearish directions within 30-50 points.

Here is an example of the passage by the BuySellProf expert of news on the EURUSD pair, when publishing the results of the choice of the president of America.

Or here is a video of the exit of the voting news on the Brexit currency pair of GPBUSD.

Opportunities for Expert Advisor BuySellProf Security during the elections in France, for a month with a gap on the EURUSD pair.

The period of work is 1 month from 10.04.2017 to 10.05.2017. A report is given on the possibilities of the BuySellProf Security expert during the presidential elections in France.

Expert BuySellProf Security, thanks to new features, namely the CurrentPercentProfit option, easily overcomes the gap and closed the previous cycle, quietly started a new one, gaining for the month 50% of the profit with a maximum drawdown = 17.82%, with the UsePercentLoss option enabled and the default PercentLoss - 20% of the work in one month.

What is "Locking Trade" or, more precisely, Locking Orders (positions)?

Locking  is a method of opening two counter orders on one financial instrument, i.e. blocking orders and if orders are set without Take Profit, then you can close them only at a time convenient for you, for example - the expectations of a suitable price for a market turn.

Advisers BuySellProf, Free BuySellProf, BuySellProf Security apply the partial locking method when the counter order has a volume equal to the last, which, if desired, can be given Martingale. This allows you to balance orders to a suitable price or to Take Profit. If Take Profit is set approximately equal to the Fibonacci levels, we get a wonderful trading strategy for Fibonacci levels. If Take Profit is set to the expected peaks 1,2,3,4,5, A, B, C of Elliott waves, we get a trading strategy for Elliott waves. Where the transition from the wave to the Elliott wave or Fibonacci levels occurs automatically. It is clear that the accuracy of falling into the peak of the wave or level will be difficult, but not so much as the indicators of the corresponding strategies show, about 5-10%. By setting Take Profit to the prospective lines of resistance and support, we obtain a trading strategy for trading in Levels.

In addition, the strategy of Locking Orders differs from indicator strategies by universality, by how much it can be used for different time intervals of the trading period, ranging from short-term transactions that take place within a day and ending with trading operations that last for up to a month or more. This strategy is ideal for both professionals and beginners.

P.S. Look at my profile page or blogs, soon there will be articles on the work of the adviser in different seasons of the year, with the release of important news and much more.

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