USD/JPY Sell Trade With 160 Pip Take Profit & 16 Pip Stop Loss

6 June 2017, 08:53
Ahmad Hassam

USD/JPY is a great pair that I love to trade a lot.

USD/JPY is controlled tightly by Bank of Japan (BOJ).

A strong Yen hurts Japanese economy.

BOJ always takes drastic action when USD/JPY falls to low.

This is the time when BOJ entervens and USD/JPY shoots up.

Then it goes up. Since market dynamics are as such Yen appreciates, it cannot go up forever.

So you will find USD/JPY falling again and again.

Read this blog post in which I analyze a recent USD/JPY sell trade in detail.

As always keep the risk as small as possible.

First analyze the charts. Then use a pending limit buy or sell order to open a trade.

If the order doesn't get filled, don't worry.

You get another good trade soon.

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