Watch those margins now we're close to the Brexit vote

20 June 2016, 18:53
Sherif Hasan

Retail brokers are tightening up ahead of the big vote

It's almost becoming a daily event that the emails get pinged around from brokers warning of margin changes.

IG will be increasing GBP fx pairs margins to 6% from 14.00 GMT Wednesday. Euro pairs, FTSE 100 and all European indices will see margins go up to 3%. The starting margin rates od USD pairs and US indices, gold and silver will be 1.5%. Due to the possible volatility, IG will be increasing charges for their guaranteed spreads at 14.00 GMT Wednesday.

They're just one of many who will be making similar moves so please make sure you are up to speed with the latest announcements from your brokers. Feel free to put up notices from your brokers in the comments for others to view.

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