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Simple Weis Wave

One of the best tools for analyzing volume,

Weis Wave was idelized by David Weis, to facilitate the reading of directional flow. For the VSA method disciples it is an evolution of the practices created by Richard Wycoff, facilitating a predictive reading of the market, always seeking an accumulation and distribution of the negotiated contracts.

In this version can you choose 3 Waves types 

Cumulative wave volume

Range of wave

Average Wave volume Ref "Tim Ord lectures"

matheuswm82 2019.04.26 02:39 

muito bom, parabens, qual o wave tick recomendado?

Paulo Moraes
Paulo Moraes 2019.03.21 15:11 

Uso todos seus indicadores, sou seu seguidor de carteirinha, obrigado Jean Huve

Enoir Heringer Da Silveira
Enoir Heringer Da Silveira 2019.03.08 03:06   

Gostaria de saber os detalher de cada parametro?