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Setup Stormer

Graph configuration and buy and sell signals based on Stormer's  (Alexandre Wolwacz, Brazilian trader) swing, position and day trade strategy, described on his youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v= 0QZ_NjWkwl0)

The buy and sell indications are based on 2 candle patterns (Inside Bar [Yellow] and Reversal Closing Price [Blue and Red]), 3 Moving Averages and 1 Stochastic.


  • Inside Bar - Candle pattern indicating trend continuity, or reversal
  • Reversal Closing Price - Candlestick pattern indicating trend reversal
  • Moving Averages - Used to determine the price trend
  • Stochastic - Used to check the states where the market sold or bought more than it should, and therefore there is the possibility of creating tops and bottoms

How to use:

When there is an opportunity to buy or sell, the indicator will show a Fibonacci Expansion containing the following values:
  • buy/sell - Recommended entry value of a trade
  • stop - Recommended value for placing the operation stop
  • 100% - Value of the objective to partially carry out the operation. At this moment, you can move the stop of the operation to guarantee the profit
  • 161.8% - Operation profit target value

IMPORTANT! The operation can only be entered up to 2 candles after the SIGNAL is displayed.

Ex. If the input signal was an Inside Bar [Yellow], enter the candle only after the Inside bar or the Next Candle. If the entry signal was on a reversal candle [Red, Blue], enter only the candle after the reversal candle or the next candle.

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