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This robot searches for important support and resistance on the market, and trades breakouts of these levels. It uses hidden pending orders and tight TrailingStop. The default setting is for EURUSD H1. This EA can also be used in other markets and time frames.

  1. For safer trading, it includes protection against large slippage and high spread.
  2. No hedge, no martingale, no grid or any other type of dangerous practices.
  3. Stop loss is set for every order.
  4. Use True ECN broker with a low spread and a low-latency VPS server


  • Start trading HH – start of trading at this hour
  • Start trading MM - start of trading at this minute
  • End trading HH – end of trading at this hour
  • End trading MM – end of trading at this minute
  • TimeFrame - search SR levels in this time frame
  • MaxSpread – maximum allowed spread size
  • MaxSlippage – maximum allowed slippage
  • MaxTrades – maximum number of open trades
  • Distance – distance of pending order from SR level
  • SR index – bigger value = fewer trades
  • SR validity in bars – the number of bars in history for searching SR levels
  • Lot – trade volume
  • Risk % - automatic lot calculation (SL must be set)
  • MaxLot - maximum lot size
  • SL – maximum loss in points
  • TP – maximum profit in points
  • SLBE – in this profit in points moves SL to the opening price of a trade
  • TrailingSL – start TrailingSL in points and distance TrailingSL
  • TrailingSL_Step – step size to modify the stop loss.
  • Magic – the identification number of trades
  • Comment – a comment to trade
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