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Trade Copier Global

Trade Copier Global: The name speaks for itself. This copier allows you to copy orders between MT4 terminals even if they are not installed on the same computer.


  • Copying trades between MT4 terminals around the world with a short delay.
  • Automatically recognizes symbol prefixes.
  • Can connect many Slaves to the same Master.
  • Supports pending and market orders.
  • Supports partial order close (with limitations, see below)
  • Can send messages and notifications to the Slaves from the Master
  • Several lot calculation methods
  • The software will be constantly improved based on feedbacks
  • Does not affect the trades made by other EAs


  • Mode (master/slave) - select "master" to copy from the account or "slave" to copy to the account.
  • Master settings (only in "master" mode, see above):
    • Pending orders (true/false) - Send or ignore pending orders. If "true" is selected then the pending orders will be sent to the slave. If "false" is selected then the pending order is sent only when it triggers on the master (and becomes a market order).
  • Slave settings (only in "slave" mode, see above):
    • Master ID - ID value obtained from the EA running in "master" mode. See the screenshots for details
    • Hedge - This function reverses the trade direction. A "buy" trade opened on the Master will open a "sell" on the Slave
    • Lots Mode (identical/fixed/balance) - identical: exact same amount from the Master, fixed: amount entered in the "Fixed Lots" input, balance: proportional to balance sizes (slave lots = master lots * slave balance / master balance)
    • Fixed Lots - see above
    • Lots Multiplier - multiply the calculated lot size (works in all lots mode)
    • Comment Mode (fromMaster/Input/Both) - fromMaster: copies the OrderComment from the Master, Input: uses the text specified in the "Text Input", Both: Specified text + Master OrderComment
    • Input - see above
    • Symbols - Specifies the symbols to be copied. If the input is empty then all orders are sent. Many symbols can be specified comma separated. For example: EURUSD,GBPUSD,USDJPY (three symbols are copied the rest is ignored) or USD,GBP (all symbols contain USD or GBP are copied).
    • Magicnumber - Specifies the magic numbers to be copied. See above at Symbols.
  • Common Settings:
    • URL - link to the server script. Do not change this input (reserved for future updates)


  1. Tools - Options.
  2. Select "Expert Advisors".
  3. Tick "Allow WebRequest for listed URLs".
  4. Add the following URL without quotes to the list: "http://mt4copy.tk". Click OK.
  5. Repeat steps 1 to 4 on all PCs where you would like to run the Copier (either Master or Slave).
  6. Attach the Copier to a single chart. In the EA's Inputs window, set the Mode to "master". Click OK.
  7. On the chart, a text box appears with the ID of the Master. Copy this text.
  8. On the Slave computer, attach the Copier to a single chart. Set the Mode to "slave".
  9. Add the Master ID from step 7 to Master ID within the inputs. Click OK.

Check the screenshots for help.

Notes and limitations

  • The delay depends on your location and the execution speed of the broker (average less than 1 second).
  • Run only one instance of the copier per MT4 terminal.

Irfan 2019.05.15 09:52 

This is an excellent product. This EA can help you to copy trades between different trading accounts with different brokers running on different devices/computers. On top of this Laszlo is also providing a 5 start support. He replies to your queries quickly.

Ting Wei Wu
Ting Wei Wu 2019.03.12 03:56 

Пользователь не оставил комментарий к оценке

Driris 2018.12.13 21:42   

Do not buy it. There are limitations on the number of providers.He told me there are no limitations and is not the truth:there are only 10. I contacted the support for refund and not aprooved. A poor suport.

Arthit Arunroj
Arthit Arunroj 2018.12.07 04:23 

Best investment

idumall 2018.08.14 07:46 

I waited for the release of version 6.0 that includes user management to provide this review.

This trade copier does what it is supposed to do - copy trades from master to unlimited slaves.

Not only that, it has user management - master is able to allow account number to copy from master and also expire slave account number at certain date. This is what I'm looking for. For the price, I'm very very satisfied with product.

Michael Beek
Michael Beek 2018.07.16 21:29 

Today the first day that it run, I already know that it is exactly what I was looking for. Easy to install, Works here on VPS to VPS.

Staffan Ofwerman
Staffan Ofwerman 2018.02.28 15:02 

Great product. And a great seller helping out whenever I have a question.

Terry Cash
Terry Cash 2017.10.04 15:00 

Great little copier. I bought a more expensive and flashier copier and had nothing but issues. Laszlo has done a great job with the Trade Copier Global. He answers questions right away and is always helpful. This copier is just what I needed for my signal service. Thanks Laszlo.

Todays date: 1/2/19

I've commented before when I first bought the Trade Copier Global. I was impressed with it then but what I'm really impressed with is Laszlo's willingness to listen and improve on his great creation. You couldn't ask for a better developer to work with. I have been using the Copier for over a year now and with every new version it gets better and better. Thanks Laszlo for all your hard work.

Sherif 2017.08.15 11:16 


Версия 6.4 2019.04.06
Added ability to edit the list of slaves as a CSV file.
Версия 6.3 2018.12.21
The Slave rechecks closed trades at initialization.
Версия 6.2 2018.12.03
-Fixed trade duplication bug on the Slave side.
Версия 6.1 2018.10.14
-Fixed issue: Sometimes it was not possible to add more than about 70 Slaves to the Master
Версия 6.0 2018.08.06
-Added three new columns to the Add / Remove table (name, email, expiration).
-Added notifications. The Copier can send Alerts, Emails or Push Notifications when a new signal is received.
-Trade Execution can be turned off (only notifications).
Версия 5.2 2018.06.08
- Исправлено закрытие сделок на ведомом счете
- Добавлена возможность настраивать торговыве символы на стороне ведомого счета (например: GER30 <-> DE30)
Версия 4.20 2018.03.08
- Исправлена ошибка (старые сделки могли копироваться при выключенной автоторговле)
- Добавлен параметр Custom Comment. Теперь ордера, копируемые с мастер-счета, могут снабжаться комментариями (OrderComment) или пользовательскими сообщениями.
Версия 4.10 2017.11.08
- Добавлена настройка размера панели под разрешение экрана.
Версия 4.0 2017.09.28
- Добавлена возможность выбирать, какие ведомые терминалы могут копировать сделки
Версия 3.0 2017.08.21
- Исправлена ​​ошибка таймера (таймер не запускался должным образом в некоторых случаях)
- Возможность обработки частичного закрытия ордеров
Версия 2.0 2017.06.14
-Улучшен пользовательский интерфейс (Master: добавлена возможность прокручивать списки прошлых действий)
-Режим хеджирования. Функция переворачивает направление сделок на принимающем счете (buy <-> sell).
-Режимы копирования комментариев: копировать с мастер-счета, комментарий, настроенный на принимающем счете, оба (User Specified + Master).
-Добавлена новая функция в режиме мастер-счета, позволяющая отправлять или пропускать отложенные ордера.
-Добавлен фильтр выбора символа на принимающем счете.
-Добавлен фильтр выбора магического числа на принимающем счете.
-Улучшена скорость исполнения (менее 1 секунды)
Версия 1.10 2017.01.24
Исправлена проблема с неторгуемыми инструментами