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Rob Feller

Rob Feller is a fully automated forex trading system. The robot itself analyzes the market, determines the points where to open orders, automatically calculates the size of StopLoss and TakeProfit, automatically calculates the volume of opened orders and their number in the section. The robot opens orders in sections. That is, the robot analyzes the market, determines the direction of the trend, and in this direction opens one or more deals. The number of deals in a section is specified in the max_order parameter. The robot opens deals only BUY. The robot does not open deals on SELL. This is written in his trading strategy. Trading only in one direction, the robot works more efficiently.

Recommendations for trading Rob Feller:

  • The robot is designed to trade on cent and micro accounts. You can trade on standard accounts, but then you will need to adjust the settings.
  • The desired maximum spread should be up to 12 pips.
  • Recommended currency pairs with default settings of GBPUSD.
  • Recommended initial deposit of $ 50 and higher.
  • Recommended timeframe H1, H4. For other timeframes, you need to select the settings.

Rob Feller Robot Settings:

  • Risk - this parameter indicates how much transactions will be opened. The value can be from 1 to 100. The higher the value of this parameter, the higher the volume of opened transactions. With an initial deposit of $ 100 and the value of the parameter Risk = 1, the robot will open trades with a volume of 0.01 lot. With the value of the parameter Risk = 1 and the initial deposit of $ 1000, the robot will open trades with a volume of 0.1 lot. Thus, the robot increases the volume of opened transactions depending on the size of the deposit. The volume is indicated as a dynamic value and is constantly growing with the current trade deposit.
  • max_los - this robot works on neural network technology. The robot learns from the historical data of its trade. If the robot sees that certain transactions are closing at a loss, it looks at the properties of these transactions and remembers them. In this parameter, we tell the robot that if a certain number, for example 7 orders with certain properties, were closed at a loss, no longer open such transactions. That is, if the robot wants to open a new deal, it will check how many deals with such parameters have already been closed at a loss and compare their number with the max_los parameter. If the number of deals is greater than the specified value of the max_los parameter, the robot will not open a deal. He will skip this signal and will wait for another signal.
  • TrailingStop - specify the trailing stop for orders. It is indicated in points.
  • StopLoss - indicate StopLoss size for orders. It is indicated in points. Be sure to look so that the value of the StopLoss parameter is greater than the broker's current spread.
  • max_order - - in this parameter we indicate how many simultaneously the robot can open orders. If you specify the value of the parameter max_los = 10, the robot will open simultaneously no more than 10 orders. Since the robot opens deals in sections, this parameter indicates how many orders can be in one trading section.
  • vol - each candle has its own tick volume. By the value of the volume, it is possible to determine whether a new candle is open or this candle is already at the stage of formation or completion. The vol parameter tells the robot that if the volume of the candle is even less than the value specified in the parameter, then the robot can open a deal. If the tick volume exceeds the value in the vol parameter, the robot will not open trades until a new candle appears. The parameter serves as an effective spurious filter.
  • series - the parameter tells the robot how many times it is necessary to double-check the signal until it is opened. By default, the robot checks the signal 3 times. If during these checks the signal is confirmed, the robot opens a deal. It is recommended that this value not be changed. Here the maximum optimal value for achieving an effective trading result is indicated.
  • Magic is a magic number. ID of transactions of the robot. By this parameter, the robot understands where the transactions that he opened, and where the transactions that another robot opened. For each trading pair and timeframe, it is recommended to indicate your individual identifier.
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Versão 2.0 2020.02.12
Fixed market analysis algorithm.