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Ready Made Scalping System

If you do not yet have your trading strategy, you can take advantage of our ready-made trading strategy, which is most effective for EURUSD H1 currency pair.

The indicator "Ready Made Scalping System" automatically analyzes the market and shows the trader when to open and close orders. You just need to follow his instructions. When the arrow appears - open the order, when a square appears with a tick - close the warrant. For convenience of the trader, the indicator when signals appear sends a message to the phone PUSH and EMAIL, so you do not sit constantly near the computer.

How does the "Ready Made Scalping System" work?
The principle of the indicator is to automatically determine the current state of the market, analyze historical data, based on historical data, choose one of the effective trading strategies and display to the trader instructions for further actions. The system itself shows in the form of red and blue shooters when to buy and when to sell, and also displays in the form of squares with check marks when closing trade transactions.

Simply buy an indicator, it is automatically installed on your Metatrader4 and start trading.

"Ready Made Scalping System" indicator settings:

rate_of_price_change - acceleration factor.
maximum_pitch - the maximum step of price change.
fast_average - fast average.
slow_average - slow average.
period - indicator period.
Spread - is the current broker spread. Indicates to correct the calculation of the profit / loss of the system.
inform - displays the information panel on the screen.
Signals - sending push and email signals.
Color - change the color of the information board.
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