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DotaScalping is a semi-automated trading system for scalping. The indicator shows recommended moments for opening Buy/Sell trades as dots on the chart. Signals are generated based on the algorithm for price amplitude smoothing. The indicator tries to accurately calculate the moments of the maximum peak price values ​​and produces signals based on the smoothed correlation. The indicator determines the High and Low price values and generates signals based on the trend direction. The indicator is very easy to use: open a sell trade when a red dot appears, and a buy trade when a blue dot appears.

Features of DotaScalping

  • no signal repainting
  • no delays
  • works on any currency pairs
  • works on any timeframes
  • very easy to use

Indicator Input Parameters

  • Length - the number of bars to search for price extrema.
  • ATR - period of the Average True Range indicator.
  • Coefficient - distance factor for Average True Range.
  • period - indicator period.
  • shift - shift of Moving Average relative to the price chart.
  • inform - show additional information and a logo on the chart.

How to customize DotaScalping for any currency pair

The indicator is very easy to configure. The indicator itself helps you. It displays information about the potential profit/loss with the current settings. You should randomly change indicator parameters and check its potential forecast. Thus you can find the best parameters, which produce the most effective forecast of the indicator.

sunnychow 2019.04.28 07:38 

Thanks for share

Versão 2.0 2018.05.08
Fixed an error with a timeseries exiting beyond the arrow. The new indicator version works properly in the tester and in real time.