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MoneyMaker v8

MoneyMaker v8

Basic information:

  • Trend based strategy
  • Entry is confirmed with the 6 indicators
  • Real take profit and stop-loss
  • Low drawdawn
  • Auto lots
  • Recovery strategy
  • No martingale, no grid, no dumb strategies
  • Optimization is done for current market conditions (2015 and up)

Time frame: M5

Min wallet size: 1000 of your base currency (for better growth at least 2000 is recommended)

General recommendation for any EA: Test this on your demo account before going live. 

SET files (for 2.1 version):


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PeterSwaby 2019.11.15 11:52 

I have just done a ten year backtest and the results are a 51.011% profit and maximal drawdown of 96.85%. The maximal drawdown means that the account was almost wiped out at some point. This is not good and the maximal risk is unacceptable. Strategy Tester Report MoneyMaker v8 ICMarkets-Demo02 (Build 1220) Symbol EURUSD (Euro vs US Dollar) Period 5 Minutes (M5) 2010.01.01 02:00 - 2019.11.08 22:55 (2009.11.10 - 2019.11.10) Model Every tick (the most precise method based on all available least timeframes) Bars in test 737679 Ticks modelled 190325008 Modelling quality 99.90% Mismatched charts errors 0 Initial deposit 1000.00 Spread Variable Total net profit 510.11 Gross profit 7477.71 Gross loss -6967.59 Profit factor 1.07 Expected payoff 0.09 Absolute drawdown 968.39 Maximal drawdown 970.75 (96.85%) Relative drawdown 96.85% (970.75) Total trades 5716 Short positions (won %) 2874 (77.59%) Long positions (won %) 2842 (75.05%) Profit trades (% of total) 4363 (76.33%) Loss trades (% of total) 1353 (23.67%) Largest profit trade 20.91 loss trade -19.26 Average profit trade 1.71 loss trade -5.15 Maximum consecutive wins (profit in money) 78 (118.72) consecutive losses (loss in money) 23 (-239.98) Maximal consecutive profit (count of wins) 118.72 (78) consecutive loss (count of losses) -239.98 (23) Average consecutive wins 9 consecutive losses 3 Graph

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Versão 2.1 2019.11.27
* Renamed inputs
* Added Friday settings
* Added Market Facilitation Index indicator settings
* Removed MACD indicator
* Added Envelopes indicator
* Added Force indicator
* Added Alligator Jaw indicator
* Some internal updates
Versão 2.0 2019.08.28
* Fixed notifications error when testing in tester
* Fixed max orders per side input value to be inclusive
* Fixed max orders per side input typo in description
* Re-optimized relative average true range inputs for better recovery order entries
Versão 1.9 2019.08.09
* Added relative average true range indicator to ensure better recovery trades
* Added version number to dashboard
* Removed a lot of useless inputs that had no real value to end result
* Lots of internal changes
Versão 1.8 2019.07.16
* New input: Minimum account margin level for recovery order (in %)
Versão 1.7 2019.07.15
* Changed internal positions of new order filters to increase processing speed
* Fixed a bug where time frame setting would produce invalid results when one indicator would be dependent on another one
* Fixed minor typo where maximum and minimum settings would be inclusive
* Removed Bollinger Bands
* Added Market Facilitation Index
* Added time frame setting for price action indicator
Versão 1.6 2019.07.13
* Refactored core components
* Fixed a bug where resyncing with MQL5 on current bar recovery trade would get opened
* Added new option for notifcations via E-Mail (both basket closure and fatal errors)
* Added new option to stop opening of new orders and just close currently opened ones
* Added new option for order open/close retries
Versão 1.5 2019.07.10
* Order open/close is retried for up to 5 minutes
* If order open/close is unsuccessful after 5 minutes EA doesn't stop (no more fatal error)
* Side panel shows server time instead of local time
* Notifications now shows which pair and time frame triggered the notification
* Few small fixes
Versão 1.4 2019.07.09
* Fixed typo in alert message when error occurs
* Reloading EA doesn't reopen duplicate order anymore on current bar
* Added check for minimum account margin level
Versão 1.3 2019.07.09
* Fixed side panel position after chart resize
Versão 1.2 2019.07.08
* Disabled notifications when trading is not allowed
* Added ability to run EA on MQL5 VPS while displaying data in your terminal chart
Versão 1.1 2019.07.07
* Fixed notifications about basket close
* Side panel has been increased in size to accompany windows with scaling enabled