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Gold Rain

Gold Rain

Expert Advisor Gold Rain is  a completely automated instrument for all-day trading.  

Trading instruments: all, recomended - XAUUSD, EURUSD, GER_30(Germany 30 Cash index)

Timeframe: any, recomended M30, H1

Time of trade: 24/5 (recomended to limit trade hours at night when spread is high)

Strategy: scalping at braking of strong price levels, braking levels are determined by built in indicator, use no martingale, no grid, no everaging

Description of settings:

trading hours - time of trade

start time - time to start trade

stop time - time to stop trade

tp- take profit in points

sl - stop loss in points 

Use Money Management - if "on" - the volume of trade is determined out of free margine needed to trade by start lot, if "off" - start lot is used 

Start lot - trade volume (lot size when Money management is turned to "off")

Free margin - volume of free margine for lot calculation

Step Lot - step of lot changing 

Use Break Even and trailingstop - on/off

BE point - shift to Break Even at profit of__ points

BE profit - profit of Break Even in points

Trailing interval - lenth of trail at profit in points

Trailing step - step of trail in points

Slippage - acceptable slippage

Magic - individual magic number of the order

comment - notes to order

Recomended settings - sets will be provided.

Recomended Broker - any with spread on XAUUSD less then 20 points.

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