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Mistress - high speed EA-scalper.

Mistress the best EA! - to my view.

Mistress -universal and simple.

Mistress - trades accurately, frequently and swiftly.

Mistress - independent on TF.

Mistress - worsk on all currency pairs.

Mistress - uses no martingale and no grid

Mistress -needs 20  units of currency for lot 0.01 for each used currency pair.

Mistress EA Parameters:

Trading  hours  HH . ММ  (server time) : trade time limit

on time : time to start trading

off time : time to end trading

Shift - price bounce in points for enter signal generating

Max Spread:  maximum value of spread at which enter signal is ignored

Distance: pending order distance

sl/tral: stop-loss/trailing-stop

Use Money Management : use Money Management (with " off " - using Start lot , with " on " - the volume is calculated automatically)

Start lot: initial lot

Free balance : the amount of free balance for the calculation of the lot

Magic : individual magic of the order

    Main recommendations:

    1. Before you buy this EA, please download the trial and check the performance of EA with strategy tester MT4 on your broker's server.
    2. Broker - high order execution and no limitations for minimum distance on S/l and T/P, minimum distance on pending orders.
    3. Spread - only minimal (starting from 0.0 pips), comission is acceptable.
    4. Use recomended sets to check the system performance on your broker.
    5. Recommended sets will be available at section "Comments".

    JESUS DAMIAN GARCIA ZALDIVAR 2019.12.08 21:52 

    prueba realizada en el eurusd con el conjunto proporcionado en el post 2 (ver post 3)


    Captura_de_pantalla_e238.png 117 kb

    Captura_de_pantalla_g222.png 125 kb

    Captura_de_pantalla_w215.png 116 kb

    SVV1801s 2019.10.28 11:58 

    Usuário não fez qualquer comentário quanto a classificação

    Hafizul Hamdi
    Hafizul Hamdi 2019.10.18 15:09 

    Konsep nya sangat bagus, hanya saja kalau dilihat dari Signal yang dibuat, hasil nya masih kurang maksimal.

    Ditunggu update nya.

    Terima kasih Natalya Sopina untuk kerja keras nya.

    Sergey Shchekotikhin
    Sergey Shchekotikhin 2019.10.18 09:39 

    Очень многообещающий советник!

    На тестах в МТ4 -отличные результаты по всем мажорам.

    Взял в аренду на месяц для проверки на демо-счете.