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Smart Grid FX

Smart Grid FX – is counter-trend trade multicurrency EA for automated Forex trading.

EA uses principle of Martingale.

EA work algorithm:

At cycle start the pair of opposite order opens with initial lots. Further grid of orders is being built with variable step and lot volume at the price movement direction.

Wherein every time at the next order opening the all grid orders close level is being changed with regard to parameters of TakeProfit.

The EA does not use such function as locking, trailing, opposite orders grid.

If after grid of orders close the resting order (trendy one) has positive profit (herein swap and commission is considered) this order is closed and new cycle starts. Otherwise (at negative profit) the resting order is considered as initial and EA looks for opportunity to open opposite order. Wherein provided the price moves at direction of initial order opening with opposite order unopened, the initial order closes (fixing profit) and new cycle starts. (At strong price movement the sequence of such trades with positive result at cycle start can reach 5-10 times in a row).

Trade instruments: all, recommended  - EURUSD, AUDUSD, USDJPY, EURJPY, EURGBP, AUDCAD, CADCHF, GBPAUD, XAUUSD, GER_30

TF: any, recommended  - M15,M30,H1

Trade time: 24/5

Spread: minimum

Leverage: maximum

Money Management: no less then 1000 units of currency for lot 0.01 for each used currency pair.

The EA is multicurrency.  It can be optimized for almost any currency pair.  

EA Parameters: 

Lots: initial lot volume
LotExponent: lot multiplier for the next grid step
StepPeriod: period for grid step determine
StepDel: grid step divider during the period 
StepMin: minimum grid step
StepPlusOrder: order number in grid after which grid step starts to increase
StepPlusValue: grid step size increase after order  StepPlusOrder
Slippage: acceptable slippage at requotes
TakeProfit: at reach of how many pips of profit close grid of orders
RsiMinimum: indicator RSI(14)  lower level at current TF
RsiMaximum: : indicator RSI(14)  higher level at current TF
MagicBuy: MagicNumber for orders BUY
MagicSell: MagicNumber for orders SELL
MaxTrades: maximum number of orders in grid
StartProfit: initial order profit at which it is closed if the opposite order is not opened yet

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