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Zig Zag Patterns

This indicator is looking for such market models as: head and shoulders, triangles, double tops and bottoms, flags, wedges and three touches.
barsToProcess - the initial number of bars to calculate;
ArrowSize - arrow size;
AllowablePatternLength - minimum length of the pattern (in bars);
AllowablePatternPriceDiv - the minimum height of the pattern, applicable for all but the 'head and shoulders', 'double top' patterns (for the latter there is another parameter);
AllowablePriceAberration - maximum price deviation from a certain level. Applicable for double tops and three touches;
AllowableHeadHeight - minimum head size (applicable for the head and shoulders pattern, as well as for the double top pattern); AllowableShouldersHeightPercent - the minimum size of the shoulders in the pattern 'head and shoulders' (relative to the head);
AllowableDivBetween_H_and_S_percent - the maximum height of the shoulders relative to the top of the head in the 'head and shoulders' pattern (calculation from the size of the 'head');
Parameters: hsAllowed, triangleAllowed, doubleTopBottomAllowed, wedgesAllowed, flagsAllowed, threeTouchesAllowed - allow or forbid to draw one or another pattern;
arrowsAllowed - allows (or disallows) to draw arrows;
AlertsAllowed - allows (or disallows) alerts;

SendNotificationAllowed - allows (or disallows) sending notifications;
Parameters: hsupColor, hsdownColor, triangleUpColor, triangleDownColor, doubleTopColor, doubleBottomColor, upWedgeColor, downWedgeColor, flagUpColor, flagDownColor, threeTouchesUpColor, threeTouchesDownColor - sets the colorColor, arrowTolColor; arrowColor;
simpleZZ - if it is 'true', the indicator searches for patterns based on the price structure drawn by the standard ZigZag indicator, otherwise it searches for patterns by the ZigZagMTF indicator;
Parameters: ZZDepth, ZZDeviation, ZZBackstep - correspond to the parameters of the standard ZizZag;
All indicators used are included in the executable file.

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Versión 1.5 2019.12.19
Fixed notifications
Versión 1.4 2019.12.19
Fixed SendNotificztion function() - if the connection was interrupted, the indicator will take this into account
Versión 1.3 2019.12.19
Fixed bugs
Versión 1.2 2019.12.18
fixed bugs
Versión 1.1 2019.12.18
Fixed bugs, added SendNotification() function (sends notifications to your mobile application)