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Activity Meter

Activity Meter is designed to identify the activity of sellers or buyers, to detect the current trend, and to search for extrema, where the price may reverse and the current trend may be replaced by the opposite one.

The indicator works with any symbol provided that you have sufficient history data for a timeframe the indicator is launched at. It is recommended to launch Activity Meter on M1, М5, М15.


Alerts are activated when the indicator histogram crosses the dynamic level upwards for the first time, on the current or first bar depending on the settings.

The indicator parameters

  • Main Settings:
    • AMPeriod - indicator calculation period.
    • CalcMode - calculation method 0 to 19.
    • DynamicLevelPeriod - dynamic level calculation period.
    • ShiftDynamicLevel - shift of the dynamic level, if 100 - no shift.
    • HistoryBars - number of bars for display.
  • Alert Settings:
    • Alerts - if true, alert is enabled.
    • AOnCurrent - if 'false', alert is activated at a new bar opening, if 'true', alert is activated on the current one.
    • AMessage - display a dialog window.
    • ASound - generate a sound alert.
    • AEmail - send an email at the address specified in the Email tab of the options window.
    • ANotificaton - send notification to mobile terminals.
    • soundfile - the name of the audio file.
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