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Asesores Expertos

Nevalyashka_BreakdownLevel - Asesor Experto para MetaTrader 4

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2016.06.10 10:40

The strategy of trade - the breakdown of the maximum / minimum of the selected time period.
To compensate for the unprofitable orders, use the "tumbler" with an increase in the lot on the principle of the Martingale.
This advisor calculates the maximum and minimum prices in the time interval between

TimeStart (start time of the observation period) and
TimeEnd (end time of the observation period)

So you can choose the most optimal for trading period.

Next, in excess of the maximum price of this period, exhibited a warrant to purchase. If the price went below the minimum, then for sale.
Stop loss is exposed on the opposite border of the period.
TP exposed to a level equal to the height of the observation period.
Open orders can be closed at certain times Adviser

TimeCloseOrder (time in which occurs the closing of all orders)

If you set TimeCloseOrde = 0 or less TimeEnd, then the closure orders will only footsteps, excluding TimeCloseOrder.
If the order is closed by the loss, it opens the opposite order with the increased by a factor K_martin lot.
Feet from the new order is placed in such a way as to cover the resulting loss. If the order was closed profit, then the adviser awaits launch of the next period (TimeEnd) and all repeats.

Parameter No_Loss - go to no loss, when a order half of its profits, SL order is transferred to the level of open orders.

An Expert Advisor feels great to brokers with 4 and 5 characters, but will not work in the DC, where barred foot with the discovery orders

Period, a time frame allocated to the price chart.

To succeed under this strategy must be clearly understood when the price can make a "breakthrough." Ie take into account the time-critical news and the opening sessions.

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