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Indicadores técnicos para MetaTrader 4 con los códigos fuente


La librería de indicadores técnicos para MetaTrader 4 escritos en el lenguaje MQL4. Independientemente del mercado (Forex, papeles bursátiles o mercado de bienes), los indicadores ayudan representar las cotizaciones de una forma fácil de percibirlas.

Esta sección contiene miles de aplicaciones que analizan los mercados financieros por medio de diferentes algoritmos. Formalmente, se puede dividirlas en las categorías: indicadores de tendencia, osciladores, indicadores de volúmenes, etc. Además, hay conjuntos de indicadores creados a base de los algoritmos de personajes destacados de los mercados financieros. Por ejemplo, los indicadores de Bill Williams. Todos ellos se caracterizan con diferentes parámetros de fiabilidad, eficacia, retardo, etc. Aquí se encuentran más de 2 000 indicadores para el análisis técnico: indicadores de tendencia, de vuelta, de niveles, adivinadores, para el scalping y muchos más.

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change of MA curve to horizontal line and DPO curve shall represent the distance from close price to zero level (or MA curve)

Linear Regression Value (metatrader 4 version)

a very convenient way to filter out unnecessary signals of crossing levels

improved version of the standard Simple moving average indicator with a lower delay based on: https://www.mql5.com/en/code/30844 (author: https://www.mql5.com/en/users/mladen)

standart RSI with dynamic levels

Changing the size of the chart window is important in my EA, but it may serve as inspiration for others.

Simple banner showing Symbol Spread Equity Profit Banner

This is an indicator to calculate 14 types of moving averages based on close price.

This is a indicator to plot hidden and regular divergences on chart.

Indicator that plot arrows when Accelerator Oscillator cross above or bellow 0 level. The indicator send Sound Alerts

AVA adapts its analysis based on current market dynamics. This adaptability makes it invaluable for predicting shifts towards higher volatility or calmer periods.

Displays the gains and losses for all candles where the given threshold is surpassed. The values are calculated in points and percentage.

mt4 version of original indicator

SSH is popular indicator as it uses simply two moving averages. This version is a mylti-TF of SSH with TF change ability from screen.

This is the exact conversion of pivotshigh and pivotslow functions from pine script v4 as an mql4 indicator.

A simpler way to display Heikin Ashi

The purpose of this indicator is to demonstrate newbie friendly way a structure of a multi time frame indicator based on recursion.

Few improvements from standart fractal: 1. You can chouse size of fractal. Standart version use 2 as constant 2. It does not draw fractals against the trend, which makes your chart much more informative

Show MACD directly on chart

Donchian Channel with mid line and moving average of mid line. Updated Dec 6, 2023 Minor code update

The Oscillator Indicator for MetaTrader 4 is a powerful tool that accurately identifies the perfect signal on the completion of trends.

A combination of data analysis from the Awesome Oscillator and the resulting direction of the candles relative to the previous range

This is an indicator with a rainbow-like display, both for trend or pullback prediction.

Simple Support, Resistance, and Mid-Line boilerplate

Indicator shows histogram of ratio of sum of lower time frame ranges to current timeframe bar range

Trend indicator based on the intersection of adaptive HMA and its smoothed line. I recommend using it together with the flat indicator to determine the beginning of a trend early

This indicator calculates the percentage of the probability of a price reversal from a given size of the maximum rollback based on the history of the chart movement

New level of trend prediction!

A trend or cycle indicator with very low lag.

Gaussian Filter Multi Pole smoother of price data

Plot trade history levels on the chart for MT4

This will return the pair with the most growth in the user input start time and end time

Connect your indicator to Telegram with 3 lines of code This sample code enables to connect your indicator to Ofir Blue, the first trading application for Telegram

One of the latest version of this indicator at the moment. Huge base of different modifications of moving averages, with multitimesframe function, sending signals to e-mail and push notifications.

Commodity Channel Index using exponential moving averages.

This indicator paints the candlestick chart color according to the Elder Impulse System

Weighted deviation bands - metatrader 4 version

Weighted deviation - metatrader 4 version

This Indicator shows the potential breakout/stop levels.

An implementation of the Relative Strength Index indicator by John Welles Wilder Jr. as described in his book—New Concepts in Technical Trading Systems [1978].