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The requirements are clearly stated in the txt file. I need to be able to send data for opening and closing of trades from signal provider to C#. Only developers that fully understand the requirements and what is expected must apply. Developers that have worked with cross languages before, have used messaging libraries like zeromq etc
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Integration Forex Text writing 2018.04.10
70+ USD
1 Minorretracement SellAlert A Trendis down B MACD2is below -0.0003(-0.03 for JPY pairs) and is thick red C MACD3changes from above zero (that is green) to below zero (that is red) or fromlight red to thick red D Alertshould be after MACD2 crossing below -0.0003(-0.03 for JPY pairs) ANDALSO, after a major retracement. E Iwant to be able to limit the number of alerts after a MACD2 crossover below-0.0003(-0.03 for JPY
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Indicators Integration Forex 2018.02.16
30+ USD
Hi, I need a grid system with overlapping for my experts. The in parameters are this three: GridSize (distance from orders) Martingale (fixed multiplier) Overlapping (percentage to partially close series) Attach the mq4 code
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Scripts Integration Trading robot/indicator debugging Strategy modules Forex 2018.02.09
El Nino Body (personal job)
50+ USD
EA Name: El Nino Body Dashboard: same as before TREND ANALYSE -Use body size to determine signal -Use body bullish/bearish to determine buy or sell -On D1 timeframe (set as input parameter so i can choose timeframe later) Buy Trend 1) Candle body today bigger than yesterday 2) Candle body today is bullish candle 3) Wait until candle 2 close to confirm the trend example A: candle 2 is TODAY candle example B: candle 2
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Experts Integration Forex 2018.01.22
50 - 150 USD
https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/8418 (this is the breakout signal) http://forexobroker.com/forex-candlestick-dashboard-jvz/ (this is the dashboard) Instead of candlestick pattern. I would like to replace the signal with the breakout signal. Replace ^pattern with Short Term Breakout like 52.1 pips. I would like to know if you understand what am I requesting. Thank you for noticing
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Indicators Integration Forex 2018.01.21
30+ USD
I have a customized buy & sell indicator that I would like to have modified. I had a personal indicator coded from a strategy that uses 4 indicators. The previous coder was unable to code the 4 indicators into the custom indicator so that it could work independently on it's own. I need a coder to be able code the 4 indicators into the custom indicator so that it can work without the need to have the other indicators
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Indicators Integration Strategy optimization Forex Futures Stocks Options Product Design 2017.11.23
Currency Strength with Impulse Trading System replica to be added to my EA project (personal job)
200+ USD
Hi Uche Celestine Obi Here is separate job to replicate strategy that is explain at https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/679077 which you think need to mimic their 2 indicators to be added to our original project at https://www.mql5.com/en/job/71420 so with this integration, EA can easily read the data from it and snap high probability winning trades Later, let me know how to use all of them (EA with combined
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Indicators Integration Trading robot/indicator debugging Strategy optimization Strategy modules Collection of data on the internet Forex Data mining 2017.11.17
Karacatica hedge correction and insert new config time (personal job)
35+ USD
Alteration of EA Karacatica with insertion of start and end fields of orders. Inversion of field insertion signal for transactions. In the fields "Daily time to start orders" and "Daily time to finish orders" when the fields are blank, no value. A stable function disabled, therefore running all the time, even with an order is open one day to another. 1) Please enter rule when values are "null, blank" in the "Daily
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Experts Integration Stocks Futures Forex 2017.08.18
30 - 50 USD
Hi, Is there anyone that could possibly create an ea that automatically sends out the trades taken/ at market or limit orders in to TELEGRAM channel. The logic is, any trades that I take from my mt4 will automatically send out to telegram channel either manual trade or from my EA trades. Example if my EA open a sell trade EU at 1.17700 Sl : 1.17800 tp : 1.17600, pending orders will also be published. what will show
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Integration Trading robot/indicator debugging Forex 2017.08.16