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120 - 200 USD
1. Set certain price range for entry. for Example, gold price 1998 to 2000. 2. Set first entry price. for Example, gold price 1999. 3. Enter another trade when price increase or decrease by certain amount without duplicate. for Example: Enter new trade when gold price increase or decrease by $0.50. 4. Set stop loss at certain price. 5. Take profits when hit certain value. for Example, to close each trade with $500
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250 - 270 USD
I want a Software to Replicate the trades to both MT4 and MT5 from the trades that I take on Paper Trading of Trading View. The Functions are: 1. Should be able to instantly copy the trades to MT4 or MT5 from Paper Trading of Trading View with the same lot size. 2. Should copy the SL, TP, and other basic functions like Market Order and Pending Orders 3. Should also close the trade when I close the trade on Paper
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(8) MQL5 Experts Design Forex C++ Python Product Design
300 - 500 USD
We are seeking a skilled developer or team to create a Windows-based application capable of copying trading signals from specific single or multiple Private or Public Telegram channels for both MT4 and MT5 platforms. The app should facilitate subscription management and integrate seamlessly with our website/payment system for a comprehensive user experience. 1. Develop a Windows and Mac based app which is VPS
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(8) MQL5 Experts Design Forex Trading robot/indicator debugging C++ Python JavaScript PHP HTML
30+ USD
I have indexes scripts in MQL5, I want to integrate Trading view software chart to my website, I have searched and found API Service Provider to use. our job here will be to assemble all the scripts(indexes) and make one single script, and imbedded it in TradingView software, and integrate to my website. there are more that seven scripts in MQL5, However logic is the same across all of them, its just that I deploy
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(77) Other Other Design Forex Statistics and mathematics C++ Stocks C# Python Custom graphics MySQL JavaScript Java SQL PHP HTML Data mining
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MQL5 Experts Design Forex