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3c_JRSX_H: The properties of this indicator are quite similar to the classic oscillators and exactly the same methods of technical analysis can be applied to it as to the RSI. Author: John Smith
BW2 - WiseMan 1: The BW2 - WiseMan 1 indicator. Based on the book by Bill Williams - Trading Chaos Second Edition. Author: John Smith
TMA: Here, the focus is on the middle part of the price series. In fact, they are double-smoothed simple moving averages. The simple Moving Averages' length depends on evenness or oddness of the chosen number of periods. Author: John Smith
TimeZones: Displays 3 vertical lines each for a time zone. Author: John Smith
rvmGann_sv8: The indicator implements the Gann principle in the form of a ZigZag. Author: John Smith
rvmFractalsLevel: An interesting indicator that plots the trading channel by fractals and adds a Fibonacci fan on top. Author: John Smith
DynamicRS_3CLines: The fourth indicator of the series of indicators without averaging. Author: rebus
i-ParamonWorkTime: The Paramon work time indicator. Author: John Smith
i-MorningRange: The morning range indicator. Author: John Smith
i-Monday_Sig: Entry and exit signals by the "Monday" system. Author: John Smith
RSI_Expert_v2.0: The Expert Advisor based on the RSI indicator. МА and martingale are added in the new version. Author: Aleksey Cherbaev
Calculation of the 3-rd Elliott wave: Script for the calculation of the third Elliott wave Author: Alexey Klenov
IIN System - non-technical analysis of the market: System based on a non-technical analysis of the market. Taken from the secret FBI archives. Based on the works of Pythagoras, Robin Hood and K. Marx. Printed unchanged. IIN – Impossible is nothing - an old Eskimos saying. Author: o_O
Tool to auto-Insert Take-Profit & Stop-Loss limits.: A tool to auto insert preset Take-Profit and Stop-Loss limits when an order is executed. Specially when doing scalping manually where you need quick setting of stop limits. Author: Imran Latif
WelchCandlesticks_v2: Change of the spread is being reflected in the candlestick formation, which you can use to more accurately place your stops and not get kicked out of a trade when it might just be challenging a price before making a huge swing in the direction you initially placed your trade....
New article MQL4 as a Trader's Tool, or The Advanced Technical Analysis has been published: Trading is, first of all, a calculus of probabilities. The proverb about idleness being an engine for progress reveals us the reason why all those indicators and trading systems have been developed. It...
LivelliSR Now: The indicator shows support and resistance levels. Author: L.Angolo Del Trader
Trend Movers with Notifications: The indicator shows the current possibilities for getting buy, sell, or exit positions. No need to attach 6 indicators at a time. Now available with all notifications. Author: Khurram Mustafa
5 day Breakout: Indicator 5 day Breakout Author: John Smith
New article Indicator for Renko charting has been published: Articles Indicator for Point and Figure charting and Indicator for Kagi charting described Point and Figure and "Kagi" indicators charting principles. Let's study one of the programming ways of creating Renko chart. The name "Renko" is...
Future_Indicator: The indicator based on the moving averages shifted to the left relative to the chart. Author: Future_Capital
Another VSA indi.: VSA is about reading the market and mapping it out to give you a better understanding of what it might do next. Author: Mich
RVI_Cloud_HTF: The RVI indicator with the timeframe selection option available in input parameters: input ENUM_TIMEFRAMES TimeFrame=PERIOD_H4; // Indicator chart period (timeframe) Fig.1. The RVI_Cloud_HTF indicator Author: Nikolay Kositsin
Simplest Hedging EA ever: This EA simply opens two opposing positions at the beginning of the first new bar it comes across. Both positions can win lose or draw. Works best in 5M timeframe and can be optimised using "Open prices only". Author: Monu Ogbe
Forex Fraus Slogger: The Expert Advisor is based on the operation of its predecessor — Forex Fraus (for M1), but using the Envelopes indicator. Author: Dmitriy Zaytsev
Fine Fractal Channel: A finer resolution channel made of three bar fractals. Author: Benjamin Joshua Nash
RoNz Simple Scalper Rapid-Fire Strategy EA: This Expert Advior is based on one of 17 Proven Currency Strategies by Mario Singh. The Expert Advisor uses MA and Parabolic SAR on M1 Time Frame. Indicator used : MA and Parabolic SAR.Timeframe used : M1Pair : Best with EURUSDRisk/Reward : 15 pips:10...
New article Easy Stock Market Trading with MetaTrader has been published: This article raises the issues of automated trading on the stock market. Examples of MetaTrader 4 and QUIK integration are provided for your information. In addition to that, you can familiarize yourself with MetaTrader...
New article Thomas DeMark's contribution to technical analysis has been published: The article details TD points and TD lines discovered by Thomas DeMark. Their practical implementation is revealed. In addition to that, a process of writing three indicators and two Expert Advisors using the...
Delta Force: Delta Force Indicator. Author: Collector