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Takbir: It shows the buy and sell signals. Author: John Smith
Pips to Point Conversion Function: This is a function. It is used to detect whether broker is 4 or 5 digits. As MetaTrader 4 calculates everything using point basis, coder can use this function to convert pips to point for machine reading. Author: Cher Nian Goh
Stufic Lite: This is simple copy of STUFIC PRO strategy which you can follow as signal or buy at the market. I bring this strategy to you. I publish a simple version of the original strategy PRO that I use on my real account. A version PRO is used for providing signals or in other hand is ready...
New article Comfortable Scalping has been published: The article describes the method of creating a tool for comfortable scalping. However, such an approach to trade opening can be applied in any trading. Author: Eryomin Sergey
Schnick [Support Vector Machine Learning Tool Tester - DEMO]: This script attempts to demonstrate the power of using support vector machines in solving classification style problems. This version of the code has been written specifically to be used in conjunction with the demo version of the...
TDI-2: The "Trend Detection Index" indicator is a modified "TDI" indicator. Author: John Smith
Heiken Ashi Oscillator: Choosing between Heiken Ashi bars and candlesticks is a problem and measuring when the short term trend is losing strengh is another one. This indicator solves both. Author: Point Zero
New article Graphical Interfaces IV: the Multi-Window Mode and System of Priorities (Chapter 2) has been published: In this chapter, we will extend the library implementation to the possibility of creating multi-window interfaces for the MQL applications. We will also develop a system of priorities...
newMACD: newMACD Indicator. Author: Collector
CCI_Chart: The CCI indicator in the main chart window relative to the Moving Average indicator. The CCI indicator is shown in green, the Moving Average line is red, and the levels with the default values are shown as borders of a light gray channel. Fig.1. The CCI_Chart indicator Author: Nikolay...
New article How to create an indicator of non-standard charts for MetaTrader Market has been published: Through offline charts, programming in MQL4, and reasonable willingness, you can get a variety of chart types: "Point & Figure", "Renko", "Kagi", "Range bars", equivolume charts, etc. In this...
New article Analysis of the Main Characteristics of Time Series is published: This article introduces a class designed to give a quick preliminary estimate of characteristics of various time series. As this takes place, statistical parameters and autocorrelation function are estimated, a spectral...
s_wininet: Example of using wininet.dll for downloading a web page. Author: Dmitry Fedoseev
RVI_Chart: The RVI Oscillator is drawn in the main chart window relative to the Moving Average indicator. RVI is drawn as a colored cloud, the Moving Average is blue. Fig.1. The RVI_Chart indicator Author: Nikolay Kositsin
RSICCIDiv: The indicator of trading signals based on the divergence of the RSI and CCI values Author: Dmitry Fedoseev
New interview Johnpaul77 Signal Providers: "Our Strategy Remains Profitable for More Than Three Years Now. So Why Would We Change It?" has been published: Let us reveal a little secret: website visitors spend most of their time on Johnpaul77 signal's page. It is a leader of our signal...
3DaysHiLo: Simple indicator which displays High and Low 3 days ago. Author: Siti Latifah
ATR Channels: ATR Channels Indicator. Author: Collector
CRect and CCanvas replacement (Standard Library - several bugs fixed): Bug fixed versions of CRect and CCanvas which are part of the standard library. Author: Doerk
After open a trade, take a screen shot and send email to you. : After open a trade, take a screen shot and send email to you Author: Raymond
SphereSample: The script SphereSample.mq5 illustrates control of graphic objects using the classes from the Standard Library (Base class of objects array CArrayObj, CChartObjectText). Author: MetaQuotes Software Corp.
Heiken Ashi in Subwindow: The indicator simply draws the Heiken Ashi candlesticks with high precision in a separate subwindow, and helps to navigate them without cluttering the main chart. Author: Maxim Kuznetsov
IcqMessenger: System of receiving information concerning opened positions current state, account, etc., as well as automatic notification about operations via ICQ. Author: Leonid Salavatov
Trade on qualified RSI: Adviser Trade on qualified RSI. Author: John Smith
204060 program: Three grades take profit Grid System, use it on weak market and fluctuating market, may need close all positions at some time. Author: Robbie Ruan
Close on cross Kijun Sen: When price crosses Kijun Sen the EA will closes open positions on the chart. Author: file45
MACD EA: This is my old development, at certain parameters it seems to show profit too. It was created similarly to EA that won the first place in the championship (at least in my opinion). Author: Danil
Doji Hunter: This indicator is a spin off of the Doji Reader 2 found in the code base. I have made several changes such as it is now capable of being used in code for coding use, not just as a visual indicator. I also took out several un-needed code that was redunda Author: Larry
New article Self-organizing feature maps (Kohonen maps) - revisiting the subject has been published: This article describes techniques of operating with Kohonen maps. The subject will be of interest to both market researchers with basic level of programing in MQL4 and MQL5 and experienced...
New article Universal Expert Advisor: Trading in a Group and Managing a Portfolio of Strategies (Part 4) has been published: In the last part of the series of articles about the CStrategy trading engine, we will consider simultaneous operation of multiple trading algorithms, will learn to load...