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FiboCalc: Indicator FiboCalc. Author: Collector
ForexDegrees: This indicator will write value degrees of the lastest position of Price / MA / WPR / RSI / Stochastic at the current Timeframes. Author: Roberto Jacobs
Price prediction by Nearest Neighbor: This indicator uses the Nearest Neighbor clustering technique, also called k-NN, to search for the most similar pattern in history and use its past prices as predictions of the current pattern future prices. The present indicator finds only one nearest...
Short Term Momentum Trading: Im looking for a skilled programmer that can take my existing EA alert and fine tune it. I have a solid set of rules that consistantly make me money, and I am looking to automate the signals so that I can effectively manage several currency charts at th Author: Chris...
New article Graphical Interfaces II: The Main Menu Element (Chapter 4) has been published: This is the final chapter of the second part of the series about graphical interfaces. Here, we are going to consider the creation of the main menu. The development of this control and setting up handlers of...
New article Graphical Interfaces III: Simple and Multi-Functional Buttons (Chapter 1) has been published: Let us consider the button control. We will discuss examples of several classes for creating a simple button, buttons with extended functionality (icon button and split button) and...
Alligator Signal: Buy and Sell arrows for Alligator signals. Author: Xuefei Xiong
Multi TimeFrame MovingAverages: Show multi timeframe Moving Average on one chart. Author: Xuefei Xiong
ClockAnalog: 24-hour analog GMT(UTC) market clock displaying in background. The clock displays the Greenwich Mean Time and shows the status of all main stock exchanges according to their schedule. Author: Andrey Aseykin
Histogram Blanket: This new representation helps to see charts in a new different way. Author: takycard
New article Using Layouts and Containers for GUI Controls: The CGrid Class has been published: This article presents an alternative method of GUI creation based on layouts and containers, using one layout manager — the CGrid class. The CGrid class is an auxiliary control that acts as a container...
Example of Commodity Channel Index Automated: Expert Advisor based on Commodity Channel Index (CCI) indicator. Author: Mohammad Soubra
Harami RSI MACD: Harami slightly modified. Author: Claus Dietrich
  Experts: Tiger EA (35   1 2 3 4)
Tiger EA: The Expert Advisor determines buy and sell based on Moving Averages, it also uses ADX and RSI. Author: ztmalick
Arbitrage: The multi-currency arbitrage tactics. The necessary arbitrage does not require explanation. In this case a similar strategy is proposed. The difference is that in the real arbitrage the trades are performed only when there is a profitable price difference between the commodity and the...
Report: Report generator Author: RickD2
Daily Channel: Simple display any time zone daily channel. Author: Xuefei Xiong
New article Graphical Interfaces II: Setting Up the Event Handlers of the Library (Chapter 3) has been published: The previous articles contain the implementation of the classes for creating constituent parts of the main menu. Now, it is time to take a close look at the event handlers in the...
New article Money-Making Algorithms Employing Trailing Stop is published: This article's objective is to study profitability of algorithms with different entries into trades and exits using trailing stop. Entry types to be used are random entry and reverse entry. Stop orders to be used are trailing...
New article The "All or Nothing" Forex Strategy is published: The purpose of this article is to create the most simple trading strategy that implements the "All or Nothing" gaming principle. We don't want to create a profitable Expert Advisor - the goal is to increase the initial deposit several...
Predictor Marks for Renko, Mean Renko and Range Bars: The indicator places two price marks for the expected candle close, based on the candle range and the chart type. Author: Ovo Cz
EMA and SMMA are identical: This tiny script visually demonstrates the identity of two common Moving Averages Author: Sceptic Philozoff
cloud's trade 2: An example for my yet unpublished article. An easy template for writing custom experts. Author: Вадим Андреевич
MIndex: The indicator calculates the indices of the USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, AUD, CAD currencies and displays the index specified in the parameters in a separate window. Author: John Smith
Complex pairs: The idea of the indicator is to select each currency from currency pairs separately. The currencies are measured in relative units (points). The sum of all currencies at any given time is equal to zero. Author: John Smith
Complex Common: Displays the overbought or oversold states of the currencies relative to each other. Author: John Smith
Chandelier Exit: Chandelier Exit calculates the trailing stop based either on the maximum value of the maximum price or the maximum value of the close price over a specified period. Author: John Smith
Camarilla: The ideal indicator for those who like to work "by levels". It clearly shows the reversal level, support/resistance levels for the current day. Author: John Smith
BrainTrend2 Stop: The indicator demonstrates the trend stops with multicolor dots. In order to distinguish the targets the BrainTrend2Stop uses Blue and Red dots. Author: John Smith
Brain Trend1 Stop: The indicator demonstrates the trend stops with multicolor dots. Author: John Smith