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Trend Movers with Notifications: The indicator shows the current possibilities for getting buy, sell, or exit positions. No need to attach 6 indicators at a time. Now available with all notifications. Author: Khurram Mustafa
5 day Breakout: Indicator 5 day Breakout Author: John Smith
New article Indicator for Renko charting has been published: Articles Indicator for Point and Figure charting and Indicator for Kagi charting described Point and Figure and "Kagi" indicators charting principles. Let's study one of the programming ways of creating Renko chart. The name "Renko" is...
Future_Indicator: The indicator based on the moving averages shifted to the left relative to the chart. Author: Future_Capital
Another VSA indi.: VSA is about reading the market and mapping it out to give you a better understanding of what it might do next. Author: Mich
RVI_Cloud_HTF: The RVI indicator with the timeframe selection option available in input parameters: input ENUM_TIMEFRAMES TimeFrame=PERIOD_H4; // Indicator chart period (timeframe) Fig.1. The RVI_Cloud_HTF indicator Author: Nikolay Kositsin
Simplest Hedging EA ever: This EA simply opens two opposing positions at the beginning of the first new bar it comes across. Both positions can win lose or draw. Works best in 5M timeframe and can be optimised using "Open prices only". Author: Monu Ogbe
Forex Fraus Slogger: The Expert Advisor is based on the operation of its predecessor — Forex Fraus (for M1), but using the Envelopes indicator. Author: Dmitriy Zaytsev
Fine Fractal Channel: A finer resolution channel made of three bar fractals. Author: Benjamin Joshua Nash
RoNz Simple Scalper Rapid-Fire Strategy EA: This Expert Advior is based on one of 17 Proven Currency Strategies by Mario Singh. The Expert Advisor uses MA and Parabolic SAR on M1 Time Frame. Indicator used : MA and Parabolic SAR.Timeframe used : M1Pair : Best with EURUSDRisk/Reward : 15 pips:10...
New article Easy Stock Market Trading with MetaTrader has been published: This article raises the issues of automated trading on the stock market. Examples of MetaTrader 4 and QUIK integration are provided for your information. In addition to that, you can familiarize yourself with MetaTrader...
New article Thomas DeMark's contribution to technical analysis has been published: The article details TD points and TD lines discovered by Thomas DeMark. Their practical implementation is revealed. In addition to that, a process of writing three indicators and two Expert Advisors using the...
Delta Force: Delta Force Indicator. Author: Collector
Volatility Trader and Breakout EA (X-liquidex): X-liquidex is an Impulsive/Volatility/Breakout EA. It uses Range, Moving Averages and Keltner channel. It's logics are simple yet powerful. It can best operate in time-frames that are below M30, but deep research and testings as well has to be made...
New article Alternative Log File with the Use of HTML and CSS has been published: In this article we will describe the process of writing a simple but a very powerful library for making the html files, will learn to adjust their displaying and will see how they can be easily implemented and used in...
5 _34_5: The 5 34 5 indicator Author: John Smith
New article Adaptive Trading Systems and Their Use in the MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal is published: This article suggests a variant of an adaptive system that consists of many strategies, each of which performs its own "virtual" trade operations. Real trading is performed in accordance with the...
Up&Down: Indicator of support and resistance levels. It simplifies the navigation in placing the "stops". Author: John Smith
New article Trader's Kit: Drag Trade Library has been published: The article describes Drag Trade Library that provides functionality for visual trading. The library can easily be integrated into virtually any Expert Advisor. Your Expert Advisor can be transformed from an automat into an automated...
Exp_Super_Trend: Trading system based on the signals of the Super_Trend indicator. The signal is formed when a bar is closing if there is change in color of the indicator. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
Simple Levels: EA opens trades from support and resistance levels which were set by a trader. Author: Vladimir Tkach
BreakThrough: System open positions after crossing hand drawn trendlines on chart. Author: Matus German
  Experts: KNUX Martingale (22   1 2 3)
KNUX Martingale: This is a new version of KNUX Expert Advisor. It works with ADX, CCI, RVI and WPR indicators. The Strategy works with Martingale. The Martingale Base was coded by Matus German. It will works on all time frames. Author: Ralf Broszeit
Exp_AdaptiveRenko: The Exp_AdaptiveRenko Expert Advisor based on the NRTR of the AdaptiveRenko indicator. Fig. 1. The instances of history of deals on the chart. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
Exp_PriceChannel_Stop: A trading system based on the signals of the PriceChannel_Stop indicator. A signal is formed at the close of a bar if a color point indicating trend change has appeared. Fig. 1. Examples of trades on the chart Author: Nikolay Kositsin
i-GentorCCIM_v.0.2: Removed LSMA and EMA. Made the sixth signal bar and trend coloring. Author: John Smith
i-IntradayFibonacci: Intraday Fibonacci levels. Author: John Smith
i-DRProjections: Prediction of the daily price ranges. Author: John Smith
i-DayOfWeek: The indicator displays the selected day of the week. Author: John Smith
i-Cross&Main: The indicator calculates the product of GBPUSD x USDCHF. Painted red, GBPCHF - black (repeats the price on the upper chart) Author: John Smith