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CM Open 2 Stop Orders: Script for opening opposite stop orders at a specified time. Once one of them triggers, the other one is deleted. Author: Vladimir Khlystov
F_RSI: The RSI with dynamic levels. Author: IURII TOKMAN
Info rectangle drawing: Example of creating info panels. Author: Vasyl Nosal
Another_Symbol: Display of a symbol's chart in a subwindow of another symbol. Author: Ihor Herasko
TEMA_Custom: Triple Exponential Moving Average with customizable parameters. Author: Sergey Vrady
Regression Сhannel: The channel indicator plots a linear regression channel. Author: Vladimir Lyopa
Super Trend: The Super Trend indicator not only determines the trend direction, but also helps to detect the Elliott waves. Author: Vladimir Lyopa
TradeBreakOut: Reveals distance from the actual price up to the breakthrough of recently set support or resistance levels. Author: Vladimir Lyopa
Length of trend: The indicator shows the length of the trend line in points. Author: Vladimir Khlystov
Price Alert: Plays sound alerts when the price reaches certain levels, specified by trader. Author: Vladimir Lyopa
GainLossInfo: Shows the current gain and loss for the candlesticks on the chart. Author: Vladimir Lyopa
Easy Trend Visualizer: A simple visualizer of trends. Author: Vladimir Lyopa
Dots: The indicator shows current trend direction by placing colored dots on the main chart. Author: Vladimir Lyopa
WRB: The indicator detects and marks the WRB (Wide Range Bars) or candlesticks with Wide Range Bodies. Author: Vladimir Lyopa
Binario: The Expert Advisor is based on the exponential moving averages of the same period. Author: Vladimir Lyopa
New article Graphical Interfaces I: Form for Controls (Chapter 2) has been published: This article is the continuation of the first part of the series about graphical interfaces. The first article Graphical Interfaces I: Preparation of the Library Structure (Chapter 1) considers in detail what this...
Pinbar Detector: The Pinbar Detector indicator tries to identify the pin bars. Author: Vladimir Lyopa
Coppock: The Coppock indicator shows long-term opportunities for buying or selling. Author: Vladimir Lyopa
3rd Generation Moving Average: 3rd Generation Moving Average Author: Vladimir Lyopa
SymbolSynthesizer_Chart: Same concept with Triangle Hedge, but for chart display in MetaTrader 4. It synthesizes any symbol if you have the source symbols in Market Watch window and then makes a real time offline chart like Period_Converter_Opt.mq4 ( Author:...
PricePercentRange: Price(%)Range is the indicator for the MetaTrader 5, which calculates the price movement based on percentage High (Highest) and Low (Lowest) Price on 100 bars. Author: Roberto Jacobs
b-clock: b-clock Indicator. Author: Collector
Export Trades: Exports your history into a .csv file which can be read by excel or similar. You can sort your trades and see easily how much a certain EA won or lost. Author: Thomas Quester
BB_OsMA: BB_OsMA indicator is the OsMA indicator in the form of spheroid, with a deviation as the upper and lower bands. Author: Roberto Jacobs
"Build With Own Sketch" - LegoEA (or PanelOfSwitches): Perfect solution for newcomers at coding. Allows to implement strategies with difficult stop-management. Yes, this thing need some "baking", i.e. editing, but you will like the result; especially if the strategy is already tested with hands...
  Experts: OzFx (7)
OzFx: System OzFx to gain the profit of 100-800+ pips. Author: Юрий
  Experts: Grid (1)
Grid: Arrangement of the pending orders at equal intervals (steps). Author: RomannMQL
VR Moving Average: The classic Moving Average indicator with a color change depending on the direction. Author: Vladimir Pastushak
Guppy Multiple Moving Averages: The strategy by Daryl Guppy is implemented using this indicator. Author: Дмитрий Кудряшов
DayWPR: The Williams Percent Range indicator, in which the indicator period is calculated automatically using the number of bars of the current day. Author: Mikhail Sergeev